Thursday , August 11 2022

Wife kept to bury her husband


Faisal Mollah (28), an unusual death in Savar. His wife said that Faisal had committed suicide. He came to the burial to bury Alfadanga's father-in-law body in Faridpur. But the husband's family claimed that Faisal had committed suicide in connection with his wife's illegal connections.

At one stage, the villagers, including the family of Faisal, kept family members of his wife and wife. After hearing the news, Faisal's body was sent to the morgue for an autopsy. Faisal's wife and others were detained and taken to the police station.

Police and Faisal relatives said Fasal was working in a mechanical department at a garment factory in Savar. His wife also worked in a garment factory in Savar. They have a girl.

Faisal's wife and his laws said he had committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope in his cell with a room fan in the Savar house between 10am and 11pm on Thursday.

Faisal's father, Oheiduzzaman Mollah, said his son loves to marry. After a wedding, his son's wife took part in illegal activities. There was a dispute between the husband and the wife about this. His son was killed at this event.

Alfadanga Md Police Station Building Officer Nazmul Karim said that the body was sent to the morgue of the Faridpur Medical College Hospital for an autopsy. It is believed to start suicide. Five members of Faisal's wife and laws have kept asking for questioning.

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