Friday , August 12 2022

Who will stop Duff Hafez Kawsar student tears?


UK student Hafez said. Kawsar Ahmad has a child in the feet.

UK student Hafez said. Kawsar Ahmad has a child in the feet. Photo collected

Hafez's UK student killed a fire in the Chakbazar area Kawsar Ahmed has two boys in two feet.

Two brothers, the mother and wife of Kawsar, pearl, rush the morgue after hearing the incident. In their knees there are two children in small feet. They are Kawsar twin boys. The relatives can not look at their faces. Water falls constantly on your eyes. When seeing their children's tears, the child is constantly crying.

Why are not their parents coming? Where does their father go? What is the reason for their parents? Why did their father lose? Who answers these questions to two non-obsessed children?

Mohammad Kawsar Ahmed, Bangor University's four-year BBA student was very talented. 17th in university admission test

Alongside studies, Kawsar was used to run Medina Medical Hall in Chawkbazar. He was at the clinic at the time of the event.

Kaliyar's brother, Elias, said, "I can not even know that." The body comes to the morgue. But I can not see, I'm looking for. & # 39;

Iliyas said in the profession, "Yes, Yemen, Faisal, Kawsar – we're four brothers. Kawsar studied Madrasah. Later, he was admitted to the University of Dhaka.

Ilias said the clinic's building portal had to be closed during the fire. If open, the brother may have returned. The doctor and patient in the clinic with Kawsar were three.

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