Tuesday , August 9 2022

Who is in the World Cup squad, who says Mashrafe


Who is in the World Cup squad, who says Mashrafe

One-day captain of the national team Mashrafe Bin Mortaza Photo file

Cricket World Cup underway. All parties involved in the planning process are preparing and planning.

The World XI Cup will be like it. Who will be able to recognize the Tigers at this year's World Cup, on 18 April.

The final squad will be announced tomorrow. Then a formal World Cup exercise from April 22nd.

But the country's sports fans have been discussing who will be available in the World Cup squad.

The lush captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has repeatedly said that at least 8-9 players of the squad are almost in the final.

He said that the rest of the places will sit in the analysis.

Again, the same question continued. Today, at the opening of Body Spray, he met the same questions as journalists.

In response, Mashrafe has made it clear that I have nothing in the World Cup squad.

He said, "I've also explained the fact that I'm not the selector of this party. I'm not in the team selection. Performing the best in the field, we have to make a Cup place. the world. "

After that, he said, 'our main focus is the Irish series and of course we are doing as a team in the World Cup.

Mashrafe said that the current performance of the Dhaka Premier League players will not be evaluated, many people have failed in the big stage running in the Dhaka cricket. Once again, the failure of Dhaka's cricket has been an example but has been successful in the international match.

He said the issue doesn't get such importance.

However, he said that the selectors will think about those who are doing well, he said, the selectors will decide who will go and who will not go.
Note that, before the World Cup, Bangladesh has a three-year series in Bangladesh. Bangladesh will play a few games against the Irish forces, India West. The Bangladesh Cricket Team will be leaving the country on 1 May. Tigers concentrated in the Irish series for the time being.

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