Friday , August 19 2022

Who are the other two children next to Shahrukhkhani Gauri? – Colorslife24


Shahrukh Pattani Gauri

The little boy, Abram, still posted Gauri Khan pictures on social media, sometimes with the big boy Aryan and his daughter Suhana. New photo posted showing Abram sitting in the lap. There are two other children on the side. Who are they saying?

Yash and Ruhi are two children on the Gauri side. The son of the director and producer Karna Johar shared Gauri the picture, 'I spent time with the three monsters.'

Shah Rukh-Gauri

Friends of Karna and Shahrukh from the beginning of the career. A large part of the industry is aware of the various events of their friendship. There is also a friendship between these two Celeste children. The father of the two children through sarogesi is the ear. On the other hand, Abram was also accepted by a couple Sarojisi Khan. This three-year friendship also influenced the cinema.

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