Sunday , April 18 2021

What is X10 & # 39; to be an iPhone XS?

Possible Galaxy S10 Apple to annihilate Apple and new iPhone Samsung Galaxy S is a leading smartphone of the name Galaxy S10, which is expected to have some unexpected in the new phone, according to technology analysts.

What features will be on the smartphone S10? It is believed that the smartphone S10 will support 5G networks. Besides the larger display and 6 cameras or the iPhone X Max. Samsung Galaxy S10 can leave the market in four special models. There is an event that a 6.7 inch inch screen version is made with a version of the name & Beyond X & # 39; have to arrange.

This year Apple has released the most expensive and innovative iPhone models in the market. The iPhone X Max 512GB model is priced at $ 1,449 or about 1.32 million. The biggest demand for iPhone 6X5-inch iPhone X Max display is available to customers. On September 12, Apple revealed two new iPhones at the same time. Three of the devices are iPhone X, iPhone X Max and iPhone XR.

Samsung is making the Galaxy S10 to keep the new iPhone. Samsung Xinox 9820 chipset will be used in it.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, the largest phone was made in the Galaxy S10 series with Beyond X's directed. The codec means the 10 years of filling in the model phone. Later, Apple opened the iPhone X & # 39; on the occasion of their 10th anniversary of their iPhone.

Samsung will be a big surprise to the camera on the new Galaxy phone. It will have four cameras in six cameras and two camera sets in the front.

Wall Street Journal says Samsung has discussed 5G with operators such as Verizon, AT & T, T-Mobile. However, there are no final decisions yet. Samsung's 5G support could be referred to as the smart feature of the smartphone S10. The South Korea company wants to take advantage of it to be ahead of Apple.

Apple plans to release the phone in the 5G facility by 2020. Intel will work to create a 5G modem for them. But Samsung is working to bring the 5G phone to the market early next year.

Smart S10 model phones, as well as new smartphone flexibility in the market next year, can also be released, also states that Samsung authorities.

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