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What is the back of the empty voice for the Shakib election?


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Suddenly, on Saturday, the campaign of the popular Shakib Khan campaign was attacked at the election. The news of some of the largest political parties, the candidate of the Awigan League to take part in eleven future parliamentary elections, has been announced in some media.

But at night or Peru, Shakib Khan said he did not want to choose. At present, he wants to be busy with acting. Meanwhile, the new excitement for Shakib's event wants to buy this nickname.

On Thursday, the actor's director and film unit conflicts with film producers' conflicts during an actor shooting in the FDC. At this time, Shakib Khan himself took part in the dispute. Some of the present journalists were still holding photographs and videos of the event in carrying out their professional duties.

Shakib Khan suddenly hit the journalist and removed his mobile phone and deleted all the files. Two journalists, Zia Uddin Alam and Sudipta Said Khan, made a complaint with the Bangladesh Association of Journalists of the Film, Bangladesh Association of Film Directors and the Bangladesh Film Industry Association on Saturday, claiming to be harassed.

The movie industry is curious about the event of preventing journalists and hindering Shakib on professional activities. Some of the movie makers have said that Shakib has announced his participation in the elections to include unpleasant journalists. In this way, Shakib gave the numbers of Hansta journalist to different directions.

Meanwhile, Hunter's journalist, Sudipta Said Khan, believes that Shakib's Shakib journalist is a news update in Shakib in Dhaka. On behalf of the 3 contacts, he was informed that the association would take appropriate action on the assault of journalists.

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