Sunday , January 17 2021

What did Khaleda Zia say about the illness?

BNP Chairman Khaleda Zia is being accepted at Sheikh Mujib Bangabandhu University (BSMMU) for treatment  t

BNP Chairman Khaleda Zia is taken at Sheikh Mujib Bangabandhu University (BSMMU) for treatment. Picture-Jugantar

The Bangabandhu University Sheikh Mujib (BSMMU) has been retained for BNP chairman treatment, Khaleda Zia. On Monday, 12.38 pm, the carrier carrying Khaleda Zia entered the BSMMU with the masterpiece. After this he was taken to the cabin block for a health check.

A new medical board has also been formed for her treatment. This board has been monitoring the health of the Khaleda. Khaleda Zia has confidence in the medical board.

At noon, Brigadier General AK Mahbubul Haque, director of Bangabandhu Medical University Sheikh Mujib (BSMMU) said about the physical condition of Khaleda at noon, said Khaleda Zia's pain and joints in her legs. His diabetes level is slightly higher. There is a lack of food. We are sleeping too. He cannot walk himself or else he has to walk with the support of others.

He said, on March 28, that the five-member medical board led by Professor Zillan Mia, the Department of Medicine's government, had to be reconstituted as Abdul Jalil, head of the previous medical board formed for the treatment of BNP chairman, be retired. There are two personal doctors from Khaleda Zia to help this board. It was kept in the cabin of 621. There is also a private person in the cabin 622.

The director said, Khaleda Zia's health check was not done yet today. The last few days have been tested. He saw these doctors. Khaleda Zia's medical board members treated her in the treatment. Khaleda Zia has heard the details of the disease. They gave a discussion of the discussion with Khaleda Zia after observation.

He said, Khaleda Zia had diabetes earlier. It has increased Today after the meal, Randam is 14. Apart from this, a doctor will be involved in monitoring and treating Khaleda's health every day. He also asked for Khaleda Zia's treatment, as well as reporting on her progress. Khaleda Zia spoke to members of the Medical Board. He spoke very well The medical board has received a fair treatment certificate. He has every confidence in the board. He saw him, he's happy

In response to a question whether Khaleda Zia needs foreign treatment, the director said, "We still have nothing that needs treatment abroad." It is possible to provide all the medical treatment.

When asked if he would go back to prison again, the director said he would leave after health improvements.

Earlier, earlier, Khaleda Zia was due to take BSMMU earlier in the month. The hospital cabin was also installed. Additional security arrangements have been made around the hospital. Finally, Khaleda Zia did not accept her because she was not taken to hospital.

Khaleda Zia, a former jiled prime minister from February 8 last year, has been sentenced to 17 years in two cases of corruption. Khaleda Zia is being questioned by the BNP as a serious illness. They are not interested in treating Khaleda Zia in BSMMU. BNP requires medical treatment at the specialist hospital. But the government and the party we managed have repeatedly told it to be treated in BSMMU.

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