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What did Ashvin really do?


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The way Ashly has campaigned for Ashwin at IPL is our big deal. Two kinds of arguments are heard in Ashwin and Kand. One side says Ashwin has done anti-social work. Another side says that Punjab's captain ruled Butler within the rules.

In the IPL, Rajasthan Royals defeated Rajasthan Royals to win the game and the loss in the midst of the debate by Mankaur; Ravichandran Ashwin. The way in which the captain of Punjab Jas Buttler's dress has been out, it's very important that the cricket world. There are two types of opinion available. One side says that Ashwin has struck the cricket spirit. Others say that he had done nothing from his place.

The event took place at the end of the 13th of Rajasthan conversions in Jaipur. Rajasthan Royals, 77 runs away from Joy 9 wicket in hand The bat bat man stayed Jos Buttler not punished 69. Ashwin was going to bowl Going forward to bowl, Buttler, which came out of the wicket , Without breaking the ball, he broke the stumps. The ground referee requested third referee support by increasing Butler's concern. And out! Butlar went with Ashwin with him. From the way he could not believe in returning to the dressing room, the face of England's bats was understood. It was understood, in the incredible expression language, that it was going to boring! After returning Buttler, Rajasthan could not proceed smoothly, the game rate was running 14. At the end of the game Batalla had to see whether it was in keeping with the traditional hand with Ashwin. Rajasthan's English star has joined each other, but looks at the other side and also at the request of team coach Paddy Apton.

During the play, commentators were split into two parts of the Butler exit. Kevin Pietersen-Brett Lee spoke time and again about the cricket spirit. Their argument, Ashwin has struck the cricket spirit. But Kumar Sangakkara feels that Ashwin did not do injustice, he did it out of the rules. In general, a man is warned to warn him before he is dismissed. Ashwin did the job for the first time. And Butler didn't go out of the wicket, it wasn't the same. The gall was in the creature when the ball hit Ashwin. Ashwin stopped suddenly, stayed a while and then broke the stumps. Butler's attention could not be seen. Butler followed this bowler style in this way. His bat was unaware of the scars. Rajasthan Mentor, Shane Warne, has done more than one tweet on Ashwin Kand. In one, he said, "The action that Ashwin did is the absolute disgrace. I hope the Indian Cricket Board does not support this type of behavior in the IPL."

After the explosion, Butler tended to be Ashwin. Photo: AFP "itemprop =" image "data-jadewitsmedia =" {status}: 'success', '&': 1426459 '&' # 39; & 'jpg', 'thumb': '// paloimages.prothom-. Butler went out with Ashwin after being out. Image: 'width': 800, 'height': 450, 'align': 'aligncenter', 'link' & ' 39; '', 'Target': '&' ',' & '': After Ashlee went to Butler with Ashwin Photo: AFP, 'Alt': After Ashlee left Buttler. Photo: AFP #} '"width =" 800 "src =" https://paloimages.prothom-alo.com/contents/cache/images/800x0x1/uploads/media/2019/03/26/3fd3563d9a04183a1d6daa993cf4d3a6-5c99bec8de113 .jpg "Ashwin said, however, that Ashwin did nothing from his place, according to the new law, according to new law Makrakhed, there is no need to warn the bat man here, the r  t Rules have changed, as the bat men have ruined the game During the period of taking some devices the bat men have been taking advantage of this facility, and the rules have their reform and said, if the bowler sees the ball when throwing the ball, it can run out of the crease, and can say, "There is nothing to warn the men's bat." Warne does not have the right to be warned during the work of stealing the wicket's bats. . Mention so much about the spirit of the game. Here, try the yuktitai.</p>
<p>It was so overly organized, and Ashwin said, with a strong argument after the game, that he did nothing against the spirit of the game, "I did that in essence. He hadn't planned or nothing  t So we have been through the rules of the game and I don't understand why the question of consciousness comes, if there is a rule .If the law cannot be used, what is the r  t benefit of it?</p>
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