Thursday , May 26 2022

We could have been killed: Perez


Boca Juniors's captain, Pablo Perez, says he would have been scared for his life if the second phase of the Copa Libertadores final had been allowed to proceed.

The game was pushed back to the Sunday after Boca buses stopped rocking as he reached the ground, with Perez among players injured in the assault.

Further delays make the design of the games uncertain and that officers from Conmebol, Boca and Afon all meet in Asuncion, Paraguay on Tuesday to discuss a new date – and possibly a venue.

At the time, Carlos Tevez insisted that Boca, who first dropped the first 2-2 leg, was in no suitable condition to play and Perez says that the fear, as much as the injuries, is a factor of reluctance the team to play.

"I can not play on a piece where I know I can die," he said. "How can you play on a piece where there is no guarantee? What if we did play and win? Who makes us out?

"The people were mad before going in. Imagine if we were to win on their pitch, turn them into their homes, what would have happened? They could have killed me and I have three daughters, my wife … my eldest daughter loved me as I arrived home and she was crying. "

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