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Walsh-Rafiq had to pay a high price


After having the chance, Gayle didn't have to cure Morgan, just having fun. File image

No standardized bowlers were appreciated, but many people were honored. In the IPL, when Ashwin put the goalkeeper out of questioning and criticized, Walsh-Rafique-Gayle had long fled the national flag of Cricket.

The way Ravichandran Ashwin has rejected Jos Buttler as 'Mancade'; in the IPL, the debate is criticized. Many have damaged the Indian spirit, in this reason many Indians have taken the spinner in toast. But Ashwin's logic, he's been out of the rules. If the rules are there, why is there a feeling of cricket spirit? Ashwin Kal Butler has used the opportunity to get out of the game. Our cricket spirit is not for him, winning the party at any price has become important.

An example of standardized results in cricket is not less. On 13 December 1947, Australian winner Bill Brown was named in the Sydney Test, and then wrote the name of the name Bhinu Mankard (named after his name), written later in this chapter, much more. of names. The latest addition to this chapter is Ashwin. But there is no less example of Ashwin! Many did not even have the opportunity to be standardized. For them the cricket spirit became more. The team must give exceptional value to the cricket spirit. He therefore gave them the history of cricket.

Standardized card authentication out. Since then, in the 1987 World Cup, in an important game in the group stage, Salman Zafar could not have been able to get out of Walsh's courtyard. Pakistan eventually needed two runs. There was only one rod in hand. Walsh came to bow the last ball and saw the not-for-profit batter go far from leaving the crease. Walsh could have put Zafar out. But instead of being out of cricket, but rather warned. Pakistan won two after the game. The defeat of India West has been worth the loss. The first stage of the World Cup was missed. After raising the cricket spirit, the Pakistani government gave Walsh an award.

Pakistan's fortune is like that. In the 2003 Multimedia Test, at the end of the final, Bangladesh lost to the end. Injamam-Ul-Haq's amazing performance in the test match of Bangladesh cricket, Rashid Latif's ax or Ashokaka de Silva was likely to win after the controversial decision. Mohammad Rafique not only had the opportunity, but Umar Gul warned only. Eventually Bangladesh lost the game to 1! Rafiq has made a separate space in the center of the cricket fan when the Multi Test is beating.

Chris Gayle also had the opportunity to score. In the 2012 T20 World Cup, in the twenty-fifth of the innings in England in Kandy, Chris Gayle was given the chance to keep Eoin Morgan. Morgan was then canceled 10 runs Gayle warns rather than being high and warns of the English batter In the end, threatening the Morgans to lose India West by 71 in 36 balls. India won the West by 15 runners.

A few years ago, some changes were made to the standard laws. Earlier, a batsman who was not an attacker had to warn once if he didn't go out of the crease again. There is no need to be careful about the new law. If you can see the ball when the ball is out, you can run out of the batter if you go out. Ashwin, who made Tom Butler, In Ashwin's eyes, which is the right thing, is our untouchable behavior; okay in the eyes of many.

This Ashwin was honored by Lahiri Thirimann of Sri Lanka in the CB 2012 series in Australia. Then at the request of the referees on the field and on the advice of Sachin Tendulkar, the Indian captain Virender Sehwag, Here, there is no greatness of Ashwin;

Even in that game, India had to pay the loss. Thirimanne runs out of 6th place, scoring 62 in the same wicket. Sri Lanka's top shots came in his bat. India lost the game after 51 runs. India failed to attend the final of the service.

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