Monday , April 12 2021

Udita's mother is the child

Actor & # 39; Jehair & # 39; Udita Goswami is the son of his son. Photo: Collection

The pregnant woman gave this good message to the devotees in advance. Now the boy's mother is the actor Jehair & # 39; Udita Goswami. Mohit Suri, director & Huff Girlfriend, was a dad. The couple have named the newborn act.

In 2013, the director Mohit Suri and former Bollywood actor Udita Goswami first arrived in Suri's daughter in law in 2015. Now they are born.

Although Mohit-Udita could not translate the news through social media, film superintendent Milap Jaberi said the couple's son was born from Twitter account. Yesterday, he tweeted, "Congratulations to Udita and Mohit for having sons and fathers as sons. She has so much love for her!

Mohit-Udita, one of the happiest couples of B-Town, is Mohit-Udita. Udita Goswami, who was fed with John Abraham, was presented in Sin & # 39; led by Pooja Bhat in Bollywood. Mohit Suri's & # 39; Jehair & # 39; pictured opposite Imran Hashmi and watched the audience. Dino Marri has contacted Aksar.

In the Instagram, Udita gave the news about her mother's progress

Interestingly, in the morning, Udita shared some photos by her Photoshop Pregnancy & # 39; in Instagram. First it shares a half-seamless picture, which its header can see you & # 39 ;.

After that, Udita shared the image of a pet, who wrote, Second part of the previous cut, which was my back busy. Then he split two other pictures. The actress was seen in the Butterfly Diary & # 39; for the last time in 2012.

Udit's husband, Mohit Suri, is renowned for a number of hagk Hindi films. He is the director of several hits including Jehair & # 39; Ek Villain, & # 39; Marder-2 & # 39; Ashki II & # 39 ;. Aditi Rai Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor who play Ashika 2, her most successful picture

Viewers waiting for a picture Ashki 3 & Mohit Suri said with the third installment, "There is a continuation of love, but at the right time it will come when there is a good screen script. After Ashki-2, many said that this is the story of love jockey radio . I want to make this picture, I want to say the story of love. Source: India TV

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