Wednesday , November 25 2020

Three hours clever

After almost three hours of tension, attempted to kidnap Bangladesh Airplane Aircraft at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong today, at 7:30 on Sunday night. The refusals killed in the comedy raid But it has been possible to get rid of all passengers and mills safely.

Speaking to multiple crew and passengers in the plane, it is learned that the aircraft has hijacked after flying in the air. The gunman did all the thing. The person later referred to law enforcement agencies such as Mahadi & # 39;

A group, after about four and a half hours, said Moorepankhi & # 39; Flying about 15,000 feet in the air. At the time of the plane, someone sat in the passenger seats up to the horse. At that time the person went to a crew. The crew came to the crew and immediately a pistol and a similar object were brought to the bomb and said, I'll carry the plane. I have a pistol and a bomb. I will blow the plane if the cock is not open. "Among these, another cabin crew sent a secret signal to the cock pilot and the assistant pilot that the aircraft was armed, and the plane was trying to break down. At the same time the plane was in the center of Chittagong to Dhaka.

The crew said, the pilot said. Shafi and an assistant pilot Jahangir closed Chittagong aircraft pockets that sent a message to Shah Amanat's Chittagong Airport for emergency landing. A source said in the plane that the beaver cries, the gunman did not open the door. On one step, the weapon used an explosion & # 39; Inside the plane. At that time the plane landed at Shah Amanat Airport in Chittagong. After landing the plane, the passengers came down with four emergency cats next to the wings of the plane.

As soon as he had the news for aviation Mayurpankhi & # 39; her kidnapped, law enforcement was surrounded by law enforcement. Members of the law enforcement agencies, including the army, the police, RAB, the Armed Forces, began to work together.

Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport's responsible source said at seven o'clock with night and night that the passengers and crew had left the plane. The gun was in the plane. It's not clear what kind of weapons or oily he has with him. The main task is to protect the new aircraft. Try to catch the plane with the help of the plane.

Chief leader Jahurul Haq, Mafizur Rahman Air Force told reporters in front of the airport about 8:00 pm, a 25-26 year old man was arrested. All passenger crew are all healthy There was no damage. What was the demand for that weapon? Mofizur Rahman was asked, he did not answer directly. He said that the matter was being investigated. Apart from this, today's event has been monitored by the Prime Minister's Office.

Soon after arriving at Shah Amanat Chittagong Airport VIP Lounge, the GOC from Cantonment Major Major SM Motiur Rahman came to the press briefing. He said that a person in the comando raid was killed.

SM Motiur Rahman said that there was a tragic event of kidnapping, he had finished. The host commando completed the campaign in eight minutes. The campaign was successfully completed in such a fast time that its name has not been given. The name of the mugger itself says Mahdi & # 39; Age 25 is a citizen of Bangladesh. He had a pistol. His request was that he wanted to speak to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and his wife.

Is there any militarized involvement with this event? It was asked and said GOC of the Chittagong Song, the matter will be investigated. Is there any relationship between the First Minister's attempt to hijack the plane with the Chittagong visit today? When asked, he said, there is no connection with the First Minister's visit.

In a briefing session on the comedy escape, it was reported that a 25-26 year old kid had arrested in the fire. Later he died.

Bangladesh Biman's new flight traveled from Dhaka to Dubai with the help of 142 passengers and 5 members of the Biman Bangladesh crew today, about 4:30 p.m. The plane leaves from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. The Boeing 737-800 model from Chittagong went to Dubai as a BG-147 flight.
A source in the Biman Bangladesh stated that 133 people from the Economy class and 9 passengers in Business Class on the Peacock 166 seat had frozen. Apart from this, there were two girls in five crews. There were two pilots in the cock. The plane was added to Bangladesh Biman's fleet on December 25, 2015.

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