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There is a four-skull friend


Waste burns in the fire Photo: Ittefaq

The fire broke in a chemical that was built in the Chawkbazar area of ​​the capital, rising to 70. Four friends have died in the same place. Their pen skull was restored from the scene.

Four friends Manjur, Hira, Anwar and Nasir were doing business in Chawkbazar. Among them, the drug trade was approved in Chawkbazar. Apart from the Hirara business excitement, the emission jewelery, the business of the bag was Anwar And Nasir had a business of plastic products.

They used to sit in Haider Medico every day after work. After a while, he used to go back to his room by making rumors and rumors. But Noakhali's four friends were not taken away in the house on Wednesday night. Chawkbazar's deadly fire burned them. Four skulls were found at the location and location.

According to witnesses, Manuur's brother, Liton, said a car cylinder was exploding in front of his brother's pharmacy. To save the explosion, Manju came and brought three friends into the store and put a lid. Then when the horrors of fire increased, they could not get out of it.

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Liton also said that the late brother would see it in the afternoon. Every night, four friends used to chat with a pharmacy. They also meet on Wednesday. They were not discovered after the fire. When the fire was controlled after three o'clock in the hospital, Haider was found inside the medicare. Because they used to chat here every night, so there are four skulls telling them, they are here.

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