Friday , January 22 2021

The way the ICC is cheating everyone today …: – 753677 | Kantho Kaler

The governing body of the world was seen to be taking a lot of initiative to make cricket more popular for a long time, says the ICC. The period is changing, so cricket tries to change itself. There has been a change in the rules. More changes are coming forward. But today, on the first day of April, the government has released a number of new laws with each other. Cricket fans have been surprised to see the ICC tweeting one after the other. What is the issue Why does so much change?

ICC tweets have said that if the temperature is more than 35 degrees Celsius, then the test players will have the chance to make shorts like footballers! It was said that as the toss was too old to throw the toss, the decision to throw the bat was not very popular; So the NMW is changing the toss. Elections will be taken on twitter instead of toss in the world test championship. Supporters of fans can decide by sitting at home, who will be bats and who will go!

More interesting laws tweet the NMW. For example, the player decided to use the number of shirts in Tests. It will also have an Instagram account address instead of the name! After the catch, the team will get the chance to play double rods. That means if the other head batter is out of the crease, it can be run out. Two new names will be added to cricket. No ball will now be called "Faultts" in tennis terms. And the dot ball is called denis as 'Back'.

This is but not the end; Twenty two sessions will be scored in the session with the evening or final session. That means, in the four presentations, eight runs and 12 Otherwise, if the organization is responsible for broadcasting, then the commentator can be behind the slip !! The last and most important rule is, if the teams are thrown into the World Test Championship; However, football rules will be effective. That means, those who score more run in the field of opponents, they will win.

Those who still could not understand that the ICC made everyone a 'Fool April'; They must have realized this line.

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