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The Sudipta actress suffers from a crown


NewsGee Desk November 20, 2020, 00:19:36

India’s National Film Award-winning actress Sudipta Chakraborty has contracted coronavirus. Wednesday night, the actress shared the information on her status on Facebook. Explaining the current physical condition, the famous actress Sudipta wrote in the film ‘Bariwali’ – Life is full of surprises. The result of my Covid-19 test is positive.

Don’t worry, I’m fine. There is no fever in the body, no pain, there is still no breathing problem. Only the nose is slightly closed. I can no longer taste or smell. There we are! Although Sudipta suffers from a crown, her actor husband Rajesh Sharma is still healthy.

“My husband and daughter are fine,” he wrote. After 4-5 days, they were asked to test Covid-19. I have been alone in a separate room for the past four days and following the doctor’s advice. I think I will recover very soon. Indian Bengali cinema actress made her first appearance in the movie ‘Sanghat’.

At the start of her career, Sudipta made her acting debut in the film ‘Bariwali’. He won the Indian National Film Award for this film. Notable films in which he has acted are ‘Evil Girl’s Episode’, ‘Sunday Afternoon’, ‘Kalpurush’, ‘Nobel Thief’, ‘Dhananjay’, ‘Rajkahini’ and so on.

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