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The Real Trainer official is a provider


Sports Petition: Real Madrid on August 28, after being discharged from Barcelona at El Classic, was suspended by Julien Loupete. Then for two weeks, Santiago Solari was appointed as acting coach. The closing date for the fortnight ended on Sunday.

However, Real can not, appoint a new trainer. But they are appointing Solaris as an official coach. According to the Spanish sports magazine Marka and the ESPN report, send documents for the appointment of Real Madrid Solaris as a coach to the Spanish Football Federation after the game against Selta Vigo. However, the decision was made to appoint a Solaris Argentina coach before the Celtic Vigo, Real game. And after the game, they officially told the Spanish and Solaris Football Federation that they

Sollyi, who was responsible for Real Madrid as a coach acting after Lupteguyir in four games. During this time, Real Four won. The goal is 15 goals. And the aim is to spend 2. The best start of a training career in the club's history of 116

In the Solaris game as an acting coach, Copa del Rey Spanish Spanish Melilla 4-0 played in the game. In the next game, La Liga won 2-0 Spanish against Real Valdoulis. After the UEFA rises Victoria Plzen in the Champions League 5-0. Last Sunday, against Salta Vigo, he won 4-2.

Solari's temporary coach will now face Real Madrid ahead of this season in La Liga on November 24 as the lead coach. Under his supervision, the realization behind Real Real is how to turn around.

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