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The news about politics is all rumors: Srilekha Mitra

NewsG Desk December 8, 2020, 13:52:01

Rumors have spread across India that Tollywood’s glamorous heroine Srilekha Mitra will be the CPM’s candidate in the upcoming Ekushey Assembly elections. However, the actress said the issue was a complete rumor. On Friday morning, he said on his social page that he could not match a single digit of the maths test question paper. A fearful, tense situation is ludicrous. What to do now? The morning sun saved him from that horrific situation. It’s a nightmare! Really? Or that Srilekha Mitra’s life numbers don’t match?

A few days ago, the actress was present during the official inauguration of a free training class of CPM. Rumors spread after that. His strong eruption came Thursday night. Srilekha is outspoken to ask questions, ” The news of politics is all rumors. I don’t do anything that way. If I come in the future, everyone will know. ‘The rest is just a nightmare. At the same time, he argues, the news of the Left Party nomination never floats in the air. If Alimuddin Street is recognized, however, the leaders will announce. He has always been a supporter of the red flag. It first came out publicly after attending a digital platform event of Sourav Paldhi. Left leaders also know this. Trinamool and BJP recently found out about the actress after sending a call.

Why ‘no’ in politics even after strong support? Multiple reasons owned by the actress. For example, though he has a political mind, he is actually an artist. So I want to do the acting with all my heart. Second, he has attended meetings, marches, blood donation camps, labor canteens to support the Left, but there is still much to learn about the CPM. So he is not willing to enter any work deliberately. According to the actress, “I never dreamed of becoming an MLA or an MP. Politically minded and directly involved in politics but not one. I’m in first grade.

Instead, it will be at the side of the people. She will take care of her four-legged children. But don’t do direct politics. The third reason for such a strong ‘no’ was that Srilekha, as usual, pierced some very well-known star politicians. Without naming names, he said directly that some people also do politics and also make tacky videos. I can’t do that. Because, I don’t do two things at once. I still drown while acting. So I am not prepared to pay attention to anything other than this. I will never be able to keep the two in parallel.

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