Monday , November 30 2020

The game is preparing almost everyone, four hundred more than Bangladesh

He suffered the highest order in the whole day series. Prior to the Test game, he took the highest order and started a good start, a mixed confident picture in the middle order. Even lower running of the lower middle order. As a whole, bat preparations in white clothes have been great.

Bangladesh made 411 for 6 in the first two days warming in Lincoln on Saturday. Even after taking 6 wickets, eleven bat bat bats. Those who have run, are retired ready to have the opportunity to play others.

The Opener Sadman Islam scored the highest 67 for the team, and Liton Das scored 62 runs. Mahmudullah (59) and Mirajo (51) were the other bats to perfection. Tamim Iqbal (45) went out to Fifty. Soumya Sarkar left the field 41 already.

Mushfiqur Rahim and Mohammad Mithun did not play this game because of injury. As Shakib Al Hasan, captain acted, Mahmudullah won the throw and decided bats. Both openers, Sadman and Tamim, gave a good start to the team.

A total of 113 runs scored in a permanent opening partnership of 31 stations. Tamim, who scored 45 off 83 bits, took the pair and broke the pair. However, there was an exception during the run-up of everyone. Mominul Haque took a fast swing of 20 running off 30 balls in ODIs. Earlier, Sajamin & 67 is running in 113 balls and 9 hours stops.

Four of the middle order did not go out. However, they were raised by running and batting practice. Mahmudullah runs fun ODI 60 to 60, 8 four and 1 chakkaya.

Play with soft timing, playing 75 balls before leaving the field, 6 floors have scored 41. Liton also used bats in the fun of white dress. He went on to retire from 62 in 91 minutes.

Miraj retired 51 times in 67 before retiring.

First Indian win: 96.1 was over 411/6 (retirement of Tamim 45, Sadman 67, Mominul 20, Liton 62, retirement 41, retired Mahmudullah 59, retired 51, retired Taijul 14, Naeem 12, Zayed 23, Khaled 0 *, Milan 0 / 18, Nutella 1/60, Sears 1/77, Lucrose 1/104, Kubern 2/92, Philips 0/19, Blunder 1/31)

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