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The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus –


Long before ending
Since then, there was a lot of talk about this smartphone, and there was also information about leakage.
Smartphone horses have not left these leaks and look too much.

Galaxies per year had gone
The next version of the S9 and S9 Plus is also new with this S10 pair as the Galaxy S10 E
Another model has to steal. Before ordering for these three main smartphones from February 21st
It will start These devices will be released from the market on March 8. Price S10 and S10 Plus
I'll keep dollars 899.99 and 999.99 respectively.

Smartphone Bazel
Samsung has been trying to reduce a few years In a user support device
The organization can try to screen as much as possible. In that series S10 and S10
Screen size is also 6.1 inches and 6.4 inches respectively. This is with a thin bezel
The smartphone has a larger display compared to previous devices.

There are smart phones in
The Dynamic AMOLED display, Quad HD + was used. Behind her
Ongl 12 megapixel led, 12 megapixel telephoto at 16 megapixel camera.
There are 10 and 8 megapixel cameras in the gaming system.

United States 157
Snapdragon 855 processors were used in S10 Plus, S10 and 175 village villages,
But in some areas, Xinz has been used. It has 8 GB RAM or 12 GB.
The S10 uses 128GB to 512 GB of storage, but the S10 Plus has been used
1 terabyte storage, but it can be extended further using MicroSD.

Android 9 foot
With the Samsung One UI operating system, these two smartphones were used.
The S10 has a 3400 mAh battery, the S10 plus 4100 mAh. On two devices
Wireless charging system, USB-C and jack phone.

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