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The fire spreads from the floor of the building

The fire in Chawkbazar, the old Dhaka has been burned. Rescue work is underway. Photo: White Kanti Das "itemprop =" image "data-jadewitsmedia =" {& # 39; status & # 39 ;: & # 39; success & # 39; id & # 39 ;: & # 39; 1418996 & # 39 ;, & # 39; ext & # 39; jpg & # 39;, & # 39; thumb & # 39 ;: & # 39; // paloimages http: , & # 39; name & # 39 ;: & # 39; All fire had been burned in Chawkbazar, Old Dhaka. Rescue work is underway. Image: image & # 39; width & # 39 ;: & # 39; 643 & # 39; height & # 39 ;: 361, & # 39; align & # 39 ;: & # 39; aligncenter & # 39 ;: & # 39; white & # 39; & # 39;, & # 39; link & # 39;: & # 39; & # 39;, & # 39; target & # 39;: & # 39; & # 39;, & # 39; title & # 39;: & # 39; The fire in Chawkbazar, Old Dhaka has been burned. Rescue work is underway. Picture: Shuvro Kanti Das & # 39;, & # 39; alt & # 39;: & # 39; The fire in Chawkbazar, old Dhaka has to burn down. Rescue work is underway. Photo: White Kanti Das & # 39;} "width =" 643 "src =" -5c723917971df jpg "/></p>
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  • Stunning walls of the Artificial Mansion with the word explosion fell
  • Sugar cans like bombs are like bombs
  • The fire spreads from the bottom to the bottom

Together with the noise of the blast, Wahed Mason wall wall wall broke four stories. Sugar cans of two-stuffed bombs were dispersed. At that moment, Chakbazar Chaihihatta had broken traffic congestion and talking to the survivors.

A picture of CC cameras from Rajmahal & # 39; at Wade Mansion's lower house in the building movie, on February 20, at 10.32 minutes, the blast was carried out in 26 seconds. At the time the fire spreads from the top to the bottom and the smell of the fragrance was tasted.

There were 67 people who died in this horrible blast in the Kuradish junction of Old Dhaka and Chuqbazar. Immediately after the incident, there were several speculation about source and cause of the explosion. There are no electric converters in Churihatta Bazar but some have claimed that the fire is derived from it. Someone said that a collection in front of the Waheed Mansion had exploded suddenly. Then he pulled the fire around. The owners and businessmen of the area claim that the fire begins to spread after the LP gas cylinder starts on a collection that has been seized in traffic congestion.

But witnesses, officers from different agencies who are investigating the details of the camera films and the location of the incident, think that the fire is derived from two Haji Wahid Mansion tests. On that floor was the perfume warehouse and the bulbs. There are launchers to canoe recharge.

Inspector Shamsul Alam, Inspector General Inspector visited the place on Friday and Saturday after the fire. In the first light, they said they started the investigation in front of the chemical machines and cylinder. They have considered these two issues. They have not yet found any cylinder explosion. In that case, a chemical explosion could lead to a fire.

Shamsul Alam said some people were struggling in the scene that very careful investigation takes place. Nearby businesses talk about repeat cylinders. At the place and place he was stuck up and down cylinder cylinders & # 39; when interviewing a television channel. He asked if the blast was from Mansion Wahid, he said, "I will not comment on this anymore." I have an idea as an expert. But with sufficient evidence, I will put the matter in the investigation report. "

As well as the cameras of the CC Hotel Rajmahal, another police and investigative committee formed by the Home Ministry have collected other sections of Sheikh Haider Box Lane on the spot and location. After watching both films, a member of the Home Ministry's investigation committee said in the light of the state of not revealing the names, that they can not find any reason behind the fact that the fire starts from the front road of the building.

The walls fell along with the blows

On Wednesday, Shahidat Hossain went to a motorcycle at a wedding ceremony at Saguna Community Center near the temple of Dhakeswari from the residence of Debidas Ghat. His son was 13 years old Shafin with Shafiin. Shortly after the curihatta came, it was caught in traffic. Shahadat gave his statement yesterday to the Fire Service Investigation Committee. Then he spoke to the correspondent in the place and place and then spoke to the correspondent. Shahadat said he was moving towards the motorcycle wheel with a waterworks road. The border has bounded the southern boundary of Mansh Wawn. He could not go further because of traffic congestion 8-10 feet earlier. Suddenly, suddenly shook his eyes from light from the side of Wahed Mason. At the moment Wahed Mason's sailing walls fell close to it. Brick pieces came to his body and stopped. He left the motorcycle in the twinkling eyelids and ran the boy with the boy. The neighbors also put the shop shutters inside themselves. Most of them died inside the shop.

Fire came & # 39; the fire flies out

During the explosion, the business, Mahbubur Rahman, returned to Chawkbazar at home from his own Toyota Acqua hybrid car of Shantinagar on that day. Upon arriving at Churihatta by Sheikh Ajgar Lane with Bakshibazar, he was caught in traffic for two or three minutes. Only then the fire caught. His car was burned.

Mahbubur Rahman car was adjacent to the side of electric poles. After the incident somebody had been warned that the car was exploding and was on foot for electricity. Then he pulled the fire around. Mahbubur Rahman said in the first light with the description of the incident yesterday that the driver was driving Yousuf He was sitting next to me. After being caught in a traffic jam, suddenly a high explosion was heard. After that, the fire came to the front of the car and caught the fire promptly. He tried to open the door next door. But the door was not yet open. Turning back, the driver came out and opened his door. Then he also came out of the driver's door. He also described the fire service investigation committee.

One of the residents' cases

Haji Wahed Mansion owner. Hassan (50) and Sohel alias Shahid (45) filed the case with Chawkbazar Police Station. Asif of the local name is named. His father Jumman died in this fire. When describing the incident, he writes, "Gas cylinder assaulted in front of Churihatta Shah Jame Mosque on February 20, at 10:20 pm, a fire broke in a nearby electric transmitter. Gas car cylinder blasts in immediately after another private car fire caught 65/66 Cylinder was cut in front of the Churihatta building at Nandkumar Datta Road, broke a fire at the Rajmahal Hotel and Restaurant. From there the gas cylinder exploded and spreads through & # 39 the area.

This type of description comes mainly from businesses and the homeowners of the area. In fact, there is no authenticity of this description, no investigation or media committee. It does not seem to appear in the movie of Rajmahal Hotel CC cameras. The owner of Mahbubur Rahman, who was in front of the electric poles, said in the light of the first light that his vehicle was cut from a fire of fire. The car continued in octave.

From the CC Cameras movie, there was no explosion at Rajmahal Hotel. In addition, the operational engineer of the Lalbagh zone, DPDC, Harichand Haldar said there was no electricity conversion at the crossroads of Churihatta.

When asked about the case, Shamimur Rashid Talukdar, Chakbazar Police Station Officer (OC), said after the incident, that the police had filed a case against them for abortion. But after the murder case, there will be no cause of abortion. Based on the murder case, all the incident will be investigated.

Statement to remove chemical warehouses

On Friday, Dhaka Corporation City South (DSCC) has eliminated a large number of chemicals found in the Wahid Mansion underground floor. Mayor Said Khokan himself on and started this work. During this period, he told reporters that they were going inside and seeing the underground warehouse. There are many chemicals in it. When moving these, he began to move all the chemical warehouses in each old Ddawd area of ​​operation. If a homeowner does not have a knowledge of the chemical, and if found later, a severe penalty will be taken against him.

Local people protested in objection to the Mayor when leaving the chemical warehouse removal program. Do not remove chemicals only, remove gas cylinders, they must be done & # 39; They are slogans.

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