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The filmmaker himself is now a story about the film


'Bahaduri & # 39'; also is the creator of two movie 'Love Burning'. Now waiting for the release of two other pictures. He is the story of the film that made his own film. Another film can be made in his life history. He is head of SS Multimedia and Sujon Mia, ward number 5 of Sonargaon Upazila of Narayanganj.

Hero Zayed Khan, Simons also took a role 'Bahaduri & # 39'; 'Orpah Islam'; and a new hero
Sujan Mia, a two movie maker of the name 'Love Jala'; But the story of the new film happened in his life. Sujon Mia's filmmaker is now on the way to becoming a victim of a woman's cheating.

Sujon Mia's wife Rubia Khatun escaped with her three-year-old silver and 35 gold decorations and fled with her son Jewel Mahmud Rana. Sujon Mia's story was highlighted to New-Day readers

Sujon Mia is admitted to D-block immunization at the hospital's Bangabandhu Medical College hospital. His left leg was cut off. On Tuesday, from hospital, he told Nayaganitanta that on 19 January, Narayanganj had tried to kill him by pushing him in the Gaussia area in Rupganj and to rent it. Fortunately he survived but lost one of his legs.

He said, once he was the exile of Kuwait. There the text messages ran. Meanwhile, in 2008, he was acquainted with Rubina Khatun, daughter of Ahmed Ali from the Durgapur area in Gazipur Baroipara. Rubia Khatun was also Kuwaiti. From there, speaking, identity, love and marriage in Kuwait in 2011. There is also a four-year-old girl called Raina in her home.

He said that taxis in the Kuwait carry a food hotel and grocery general store. After returning to the country, she was elected from ward number 5 of the Jampur Parishad union of Sonargaon upazila in 2016 and was elected as a member of this ward.

He couldn't return to Kuwait because he was a full-time president. Instead, his wife Rubia, who was Kuwait, cared for two hotels and general stores. However, Sujon Mia gave her power to give a woman the power to follow Kuwait's legal rules to solve various legal problems, including paying wages to her employees.

Recently Rubina Khatun recently deceived Sujan Mia by selling two shops from Kuwait and holding a Tk 3 grore and 35 gold decorations and fleeing with her son, Jewel Mahmud Rana.

Sujon Mia said his wife Rubia Khatun had come to Kuwait on 5 January this year without informing him and fled on January 7 with Jewel Mahmud Rana. Having realized that she had come to her wife's wife and had escaped with another, she ran to her law house and ran high in Gazipur and there was a high probability of it. But Rubia was not at home. Basically, it was in a country far away with Jewel.

Sujon said he had come to know about Ruby arriving in the country. They told him that Kuwaiti Hotel and General Shop had sold his wife for three million rupees. His wife also kept 35 gold decorations worth 35. At the event, filed a general diary with Sonargaon Police Station. On January 9, his wife sent him a divorce letter. It's not ruined here. The killer hired to kill the man Trying to kill the truck.

Sujon Mia said that although he tried to kill him in a car on 19 January, he survived fortunately, but he had to cut one from his legs away. A general diary at Sonargaon police station against his wife and Sujan, has filed a case in Narayanganj court. He has two cases filed against his wife Rubia Khatun.

After the event on January 19 this year, after the lungi hospital after the dengue denme, now Sujon Mia Dr.. The Bangabandhu Medical University (PG) in collaboration with Abu Jafar Chowdhury Biru is undergoing treatment.

Sujon filed a case against Rupganj Police Station on 21 January in connection with the incident in the Gaussia area. Wife Rubia Khatun and her friend Jewel Rana were charged with rape.

Meanwhile, Rubina Khatun has been arrested in the case filed with a crore tank and 35 gold ornaments and Robiia has fled from Shah Jalal International Airport on 23 January, with the help of a very interesting case.

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