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The export earnings increased by 18.65 per cent in four months


(BSS) In the first four months (July-October) of the current financial year 2018-19, export earns more than the target. Apart from this, export earnings have increased even in the last financial year.

According to the Export Promotion Office (EPB) update report, the export targets for the first four months of the current financial year were $ 1,212.77 million On the other hand, the income is $ 1,365 billion and 17 million dollars the United States. Which 12.37 percent exceeds the target.

In addition, at the same time last year, the income was 1,05.55 million dollars in the United States. As a result, export earnings were 18.65 per cent more than the same period of last financial year.

On the other hand, the target of export earnings in October was $ 277 million. Against this, the income is 371 million and 18 million dollars. That is 32 percent 68 per cent more than the target.

In October last year, the amount of income was $ 284 million and 30 million dollars The export earnings increased by 30.35 per cent compared to the same period last year.

General Secretary of the Economic Society of Bangladesh Jamaluddin Ahmed believes that the export of large export products has steadily improved in the garment sector and export earnings increase steadily for political stability.

Dr. Jamaluddin Ahmed said, "Bangladesh's export sector is basically based on clothing. The contribution of the garment to export sector is increasing daily, as well as political stability contributes gradually to the increase in export earnings.

Apart from the conventional market, as well as the current market, the use of new market opportunities, and diversification of products as well as diversification of products, especially focusing on the export of more value added products. Jamaluddin

According to the EPB update report, the net sales of the clothing sector (sweater, T-shirt national clothing) has increased two compared to export earnings and growth targets. Against the target of $ 502 million 18 million, export earnings were 587.52 million dollars Growth has been 17.83 per cent. Exports of 16.99 per cent more than the target

The net exports during the first 11 months last year were 498.62 million dollars At that time, the export earnings increased by oven products (shirts, pants, national clothing) compared to the same period of the previous year. In this case, growth was 22 percent 61 per cent. Against the target of 514 million 27 million dollars, the export of oven goods has been $ 545 million and 78 million dollars. At the same time last year, the amount was 445 million and 15 million dollars. Exports of 6 digits are 13 per cent more than the target.

During the July-October period, the earnings of agricultural products increased significantly. The export earnings in this sector were 36.6 million dollars, with an increase of 80.37 per cent. Its revenue increased by 65.77 per cent compared to the target.

During this time, the export of chemical products increased by 40.42 per cent. At the time, the export revenue of this sector was 6 million and 31 million dollars Exports of petroleum by-product have been 16.62 million, which is 888 percent of growth.

The export volume of plastic products was $ 3.16 million, with a growth of 31.44 per cent. Exports of home textile products, including bed sheets, kitchen toilets, have earned $ 82 million and 30 million dollars. It has grown by 11 per cent to 67 percent.

Apart from this, the export earnings of frozen fish increased, crafts, cement, salts, stones, construction tools and ceramics. However, the export of leather and leather products and the export of jute and jute products to some of the products has fallen from compared to the previous year.

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