Sunday , October 2 2022

The death doll increased in Kalihati bus-auto-rickshaw 3 | Across the country


A death doll fell in Kalihati to 3

Kalihati Tangazail Tangail from the Hatia area near bridge no. 11 on Friday, the number of dead in the collision-auto-rickshaw crash stood on three

One of the victims was designated as Sabuj. The village of Sabuji left Bharupur upazila from the village of Sarpurulia. The identity of the other two could not be recognized.

Officer in Care of Bangabandhu Police Police Station Situpurb, Mosharraf Hossain, has said a bus-auto-rickshaw conflicts with a problem near a bridge near Uttara, 11, in the Hatazian area of ​​the upazila. The author of the driver was killed in the crash. At the time, the rickshaw drivers were injured in the rickshaw auto.

He said the injured were rescued and admitted to Tangail Medical College Hospital Sheikh Hasina. Two people died having treatment. Their identity is not known.

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