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The BNP leader asked for a public hearing about the issue of Ganashunani & # 39;


Zainul Abdin Farroque in the Noakhali-2 constituency in eleven parliamentary elections He said that the analysis of the events can only be understood before the election And this time around the league's strategy
& # 39; Has been beaten & # 39; unfind

Khaleda Zia jail
Farooq, because there is no party program to release
Apart from this, a dozen of the BNP leaders expressed anger over the league program.

The Supreme Court Bar Association Association Auditorium on Friday XI National
The day-to-day program of the Public & Public Declaration on Parliamentary election & # 39;
Unified front candidates accuse them of different inconsistencies in their respective constituencies
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Leadership leader of Ganoforam, President Kamal Hossain, led the team
One support panel heard supporters and supporters of the unified front.

Zainul Abdin came to Farooq BNP to know about the situation in his constituency
"I want to speak politically with the Secretary General, and to steal," said the leadership
Not Honorary General Secretary Let us go with the last offer, mass relief today. Strategy if necessary
If we have done something from their place, we need to have a little hearing for the team. "

According to Farooq, when the party was enthusiastic about the 30th of December, the BNP
The program should have been issued to release the chairman Khaleda Zia.

As Khaleda Zia has been jailed in both cases of pollution, she is now in prison
Before the ballot, the BNP in the league is led by Kamal Hossain. But by voting on December 30
The united front had only eight seats, so much of BNP's history was never so much.

By refusing the results of the poll, asking for re-election on that day
O United states. But there is no strong movement of movement at that time
Zainul Abdin Farroque thinks the payment is wrong.

During BNP's political distress, the party's leaders have taken the policy to wait for it
Former parliament, compared to a story How to make a thief, compared to this former headteacher

"I had two muds. Do they sleep with each other Tin house Thieves underground
Breaking In says a little puffy puffy, thieves are entering. Big Puffo said, do not get caught or see what
Do that. The thief opened the closet and opened the closet. In a little bit saying, the cabinets have opened. The big spoon saying
I do not see how. Open the cupboard and remove the thieves away. Say very enthusiastic, do not see
How to do The thief went away, do not see & # 39; and it does not stop. "

Farooq said in front of Mirza Fakhrul, sitting in front of the guestroom, "… and they can not tolerate. Many say that there is a Dhaka City (Committee)
Do not believe that there's everything there, I'll believe that everything is there; There are also people to control; The bell around the neck of the cat
Who will be binding in front of you?
Set yourself. "

BNP, speaking to the league leader, Kamal Hossain, would also talk about his disappointment
Chairman of the Zainul Chair

"We had lots of leaders and workers on the ground on your side. I hope so much
Made personally! My leader Monirul Haque Chowdhury is sitting here, my leader Asam Abdur Rab Basa, who
I learn & BCL. That college was VP, that college did GS
I can say proudly, I am
Believe me Kamal, I'll believe my team. "

But even after the dialogue with the head of government in the united front
Khaleda Zia is not bail, a complaint against the CE on assault-case & # 39; over the campaigners
When the response was not received, the first unity was approved on December 27 when a public meeting was held in Dhaka
The question was just how accurate the policy was ultimately & # 39; right in Kemal
BNP leader, Faruque was raised

"Then you should have understood the strategy of the Awami League
They were defeated. That day Kamal said on 27th, Dhaka city does not have the consent of the public
I will not go to the surveys; Barriers of Moudud Ahmed and Barkat Ullah Bulu
When the word was viral, Barrister Moudud was considered that day … .. "

Applicant Comilla-10 Monirul Huq Chowdhury constituency also, Begum Begum Khaleda
The leaders demanded the campaign was releasing Zia

Heblaw, Nitai Roy Chowdhury (Magura-2) BNP, Mizanur Rahman Minu
(Rajshahi-2), Habibur Rahman Habib (Pabna-4), Fazlur Rahman (Kishoreganj-4), Khairul
Kabir Khokan (Narsingdi-1), Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie (Laxmipur-3), Anisur Rahman
Talukder (Madaripur-3), Dr Shahadat Hossain (Chittagong-9), Shama Obaid (Faridpur-2),
Habibul Islam Habib (Satkhira-1), Ruhul Amin Dulal (Pirojpur-3), Shahjahan
Many include Cowdhury (Cox's Bazar-4) demanding programs for the release of Khaleda Zia
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