Monday , November 30 2020

That's the star menu – The Daily Amader Shomoy

Before reading the pages of the magazine, the reader must hear the word "And the Oscar is going to & # 39; several times ago. Since the start of the final Oscars event in the United States, the Dolby Theater Theater has started.

This 91th edition of this event was about to be held by comedian Kevin Hart. But in 2010, he was attacked by many sarcastic dweets over gay sex. When the organizers of the Academy Award asked Kevin to apologize publicly, he refused. As a result, he must step down from the position of the leader.

Along with the Oscars prize, many people find the food menu! So, know what the food was there – Master Chef, Wolfgang Pak, once again performed responsibility for organizing the whole meal. With a huge team. Food Lists For 25 years, they have been organizing the Oscars with their responsibility, dedication and fame. Now there were more than 60 foods. Like every year, there was a snack snack, such as food, palm sygnature. Apart from this, cavatppi Bakte Potato and Caviar and Gaffi Café and iron cheeses are available in the Lunchtime table.

The new foods included Nasveel Hot Fried Quill with Red Velvet Waffle, Heirloom Carat & Totor & # 39; Vegan Tarchi Pasta with Aruguya and much more. As an initial, items, sushi and desserts come in some time. Among the puddings, the 24-carat gold plaque has made an Oscar chocolate sculpture and a square cushion cake with coconut cream. The ceremony cost is $ 44 million at the whole ceremony. Each oscar image made with 24-carat gold costs 400 dollars. The cost of building a 16,500 square foot red carpet is 24,700 dollars. The cost of the first row heroine costs 10 million dollars. The most expensive price and costume in the history of Oscars is 18.1 million dollars. Wear Kate Blanchet in the dress. To take part in the Blaid Fach Vanity Oscars, the cost of a couple is $ 1.32 billion. In the Oscars, gift bags are offered, it's a gift worth $ 150,000. The cheapest gift gift bag was a luxurious gift to Dansania in 2011. The fare was 40 thousand dollars. After winning the Best Picture award, box office income increased by average of $ 15 million. The Best Actor / Actors Receive 20 Percentage of Fees in his Next Picture Within 30 minutes of direct coverage of Oscars, it's worth 2.6 million dollars.

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