Thursday , August 11 2022

T-series has removed Atif's song music on Pak-India's issue


With Islam Islam, he deleted the song Barishe & # 39; the series. Asking for the reason, the Atif manager of the T series was told, we do not have to tell the reason for Atif. The song was composed by Orcar from India. But this video was removed on behalf of the T-pulled Pulwama series. All the songs will be drawn constantly, they said. Although Arka has said that there is no personal problem with Atif, and he does not personally hate any Pakistani singer. But after the Pulwama event, he had to take such a difficult step.

Meanwhile, when interviewing IANS, he said, "The attitude of the Pakistani government towards militaryism and terrorism has brought the lives of many soldiers away. Since then, we can not communicate in principle."

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Apart from Atif, he was Naushad Vratch. The song was released on February 13. The next day, 40 CRPF jawans were killed in militants. It is known that restrictions will also be placed on other Pakistani artists.

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