Wednesday , January 20 2021

Stars of Ekushey bookshops books

Immortal Ekushey's book fair began in 2019 From February 1 onwards, the bookmakers smell the new book, at the Bangla Academy and Suhrawardy Udyan building. As always, many books are published in this fair. Of these are actors, musicians, not behind makers.

Now, Afzal Hossain's fourth book, popular actor and producer & Kabir Mokam 19 & # 39; come to the fair. This book is published by Ananya Publishing. Afzal Hossain's first poem, One Single Way & # 39; in 2011. In 2013, the No Fireworks Do not Know poems book is published. He also wrote stories and novels. Four novels written by Afzal Hossain are Birahkal, Kanamachi, & # 39; Parle Na Rumki & # 39; a & #;; Kusum and Pitt & # 39 ;. His travel writings are Manas Travel &.

In the movie star, Shani, the Shanu Goddess, brings a novel book and children at the book fair. Name & novels Ek Akash & # 39; a & # 39; Baby Shutosh & # 39; It is the name of the book & syringe that has a magic leitrang. Akash & # 39; will be published from the publication of a copper plate and a Sharath & a magic lattice & # 39; without Ananya Prokashan. Shanu, the experience of writing the first prose, said now. I can not mean good thinking. Shane and a magical Leitrong book are written for children. The photo has painted alongside the story. It was sought to highlight the Manipuri community. In the book fair of 2013, his first poem was published & # 39; Neel Pharing Kabhi & In the year 2018, there are three books – Epitaph, Asamayar Chakuta & # 39; a Triangle & # 39;

The second exhibition is published by the second novel Animesh Aich & Unkit Dubar & # 39 ;. The book will be available in the 14th pavilion of the copperplate publication. Actor Ashna Habib, who releases a novel of the name & # 39; Tara & # 39; It is also released from copper copies. In the last fair, Gulnehar's thinking novel was released. He said, "The people who read Gulnehar, they liked. It was unexpected for me. I wrote the novel at this time. If I can encourage a girl by writing, that's my success. "

After three years at the fair, Putul has released two poems and novels. His second novel is out in the fair. The name does not go as we go to the forest on Joshua 'night. The novel comes out of the copper plate publication. Dolls believe it will be like the reader.

The exhibition will also be published by two Believers Iran books. One of them – Dotya Sarvar & # 39; and child's story book Ichee Panels & The whole announcement of the theater was published. There are four dramas written by Iranians in this whole. I have published the book's book

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