Tuesday , January 19 2021

SSC audit with photocopy of question paper

A SSC audit of 74 was carried out examining a center with a question paper photocopy at Sheribardi from Sherpur. This event happened on Saturday in the creative section of Bangla's first letter from the CSS check at the Ladies Secondary School of the Srivardi MNBP Government.

Upazila, union secretary and sources of audit said that the SSC exams had started under the Dhaka Board under the favorable part of Bangla's first paper at 10am on Saturday. At the end of the examination, Bangla's first creative letter question papers were provided. But the 2018 questions were given in 74 inspections of the Sewerdari MNBP Women's Secondary School center. Candidates did not find the answer to the questionnaire with the organized syllabus. When the wrong question paper was found, the testors immediately told the inspectors on duty in the room.

Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Seanjoti Dhar and the Central Secretariat received the news from the inspectors. Khair Abul removed the questions papers given in number 3 and 8 ago. Then, under the supervision of Seanjitya Dhar, a photocopy of question papers of the main question at his office and returned to the students of those two rooms again. Candidates will not be given an additional 20 minutes extra time.

Center Secretary Abul Khayer said in light of the first light, a question paper pack supplied by the Dhaka Board was written in the year 2015. But the package was in the year 2018. After this mistake was found by the examiners and & In the authorities, the questionnaire questionnaire questionnaire was given to candidates under UNO supervision. It was a mistake to the board, not a local mistake.

UNO, Seanjoti Dhar, said in the first light that a package of 200 question papers was given rather than the 2019 question in 2018. Therefore, given serious difficulties to the candidates, photocopies and the question paper were put on once to the candidates in my office. The issue has been notified to the area administration and the senior authority of the board.

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