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Sridevi is still scary, the mystery of death and questions has gone

His body was found to be unconscious after bathing in a bathroom in a hotel bathroom in Dubai. Heart attack is called on first death. Then it's known that Bollywood's superstar actress, Shree Devi, is drowned in the bathtub waters.

Many fogs were created for his premature and mysterious death. That day, Sridevi was the first mobile float in the hotel room when her husband, Producer Boney Kapoor, saw her in the bathtub. So many questions were raised from Mrs Swaminarayan's husband, Beni.

Bani Kapoor was questioned in a few stages during the arrest of Dubai police. Not only is Bonnie, the Dubai police questioned another member of the family and actress and staff of the Shree Devi body at the hotel.

Family members of Sridevi Nons who went to Dubai were also asked to marry the son of Nun. It was learned that the list of calls from the Srivedi phone had also been seen. The police authorities of Dubai sent medical reports from India to medical records.

In addition, Sridevi's uncle, Chhaya Binugopal Reddy, had claimed that she was murdered. The finger turned to Boney Kapoor.

But the photo changed sharply. A death certificate prevents police mystery and murder and Sree Devi's death certificate due to drowning in the water. So a normal death for Sri Devi must be accepted.

Mysteries and questions have been erased in time. Sridevi continues in the memories of grief and grief. Sridevi left the everlasting application, without having trouble with her. His fans, Bollywood films that will last forever.

Today that day, on February 24; Shri Devi's departure day. Her family, her friends and devotees recall the first anniversary of the famous actress's death.

In fact, Sridevi, born on 13 August 1963 at Nhamil Nadu, has played in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi films.

Solide's Solide & Bollywood was a Sridevi in ​​Bollywood spell. in 1979. In 2013, Padma Shri, the fourth highest Indian honor of India, received his contribution to the film. Sridevi, leading Chandni, Lama, Mr India, Nagin, has played in an excellent film after one and a half years. His pair with Mithun Chakravarti was very popular. Both of them love and marriage spread in Bollywood, in Bollywood.

Retired from acting in 1996. Later in 2012, he returned to Bollywood through a Vinglish English picture. I've seen last in the Mom movie, released in the year 2017.

He's called Bollywood's first female superstar.


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