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So far we have the game: Miraz


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8:37 PM, November 14, 018

So far we have the game: Miraz

To win the Mirpur Test against Zimbabwe, Tigers need 8 wickets. On the other hand, Zimbabwe wants 367 runs. At least to draw the game, but Zimbabwe will have to perform three sessions in the fifth day. The work is difficult for the hotel team. The Bangladesh team also believes in themselves.

Mehdi Hasan Miraj said at the end of the fourth day, "So far the game is on our side."

Zimbabwe was 76 for two at the end of the fourth day after batting on 443 for the Tiger. Bangladesh declared their second session by 224 running in 6 wickets. In the first sessions, Tigers scored 522 running for 7 wickets. In contrast, Zimbabwe 304 runs.

Mushfiqur Rahim said two days ago that Miraz was an interesting boy. In fact, the evidence of why the intersting was found on Wednesday is in the hands of viewers. When Mahmudullah Riyad got his bowling after scoring hundreds, Miraz also scored 27 runs.

Miraj of the field and out of the field is equal value. His presence at the press conference also means something different. Taijul Islam gets more wickets in this game. Miraz is a bit dirty. This question goes to Miraj, knows what the answer will be? Listen to Miraz's mouth, and if both of them are saying well then they will not be able to run. & # 39;

In this way, Miraj kept everyone talking and working. At the end of the fourth day on Wednesday, the one who said, `So far the game is on our side. We set the 443 target running at Bron. There are two bowls made. There's a tomorrow day, there are three sessions. Hopefully the bowling bowls can be good, they can bowl and tight, then the game is definitely on our side. "

But Miraz believes that the bowls will have to work out the game on the fifth day, "We must be ready for our minds. The bowliers must do hard work. trouble the day tomorrow. I hope that the bowls trying to make 100 percent of their costumes.


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