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Sirmur's purnima arthal on zakat silver forehead


The Queen with a full moon worker husband and wife

The Queen with husband and wife full moon worker Photo: After collection

Zakat money is a Hindu helpless woman.

On Sunday (May 19th), the girl's marriage ceremony, named Purnima Rani, was completed by a major evening show.

It was learned that a businessman from Magura, who did not wish to be named, carried most of the wedding expenses. We live in the Parananduali area of ​​the city.

In the sense of his marriage zakat, the wedding arranged the full moon, stage, bandwidth. On Monday (May 20th), the bride's Purnima has stepped into her husband's house.

Local people said that the Parananduali area businessman had spent the fixed amount of money for Zakat to give an excellent example of a lack of co-communism.

One of the organizers of the wedding, the local education teacher, teacher Pauli Saha.

He said that the lion's share of Purnima's wedding comes from zakat one money. Bangladesh is a unique example of religious harmony experienced at this event.

Palli Saha said helpless completeness, after completing 4 years ago, Purnima's father went to the next level. Afterwards, the family of Masah Purnima became helpless. Work on someone else's house, according to some, the family went on their way. But Purnima has continued her studies even after the poor.

Recently, businessman Sarojganj Chuadanga area businessman expressed his desire to marry Bimal Das Purnima and start arranging a wedding Purnima with Poly Saha and her husband Tarun Bhowmik along with some local people.

Knowing the issue, people from different levels in the area are well supported. At that time, the businessman came forward.

Magura borough councilor, who wants a happy marriage life from Purnima Shakib Hasan Tuhin, said, "We all helped to marry a helpless girl." In this case, its religious identity is not important. The main thing is our sincere intention.

Learned that many local people, including local MP Saifuzzaman Shikhar, chairman of the district council Pankaj Kundu, mayor of Khurshid Haider Tutul and other supporters of the marriage ceremony.

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