Friday , August 19 2022

Showbiz grieves stars


70 people died in a devastating fire in the crossroads of Churihatha in Chakbazar, Dhaka capital. The whole nation is surprised at such death. On Wednesday, the event was held in Shobij angan as a shadow of grief. Many were grieving by social contact.

Surprised on Facebook, said the top player of the Dhaka movie Shakib Khan. He wrote, expressing intense sympathy to those who died in Chawkbazar, Dhaka on the night of the destructive fire. There was deep sympathy for families and families as well as the peace of the dead. In addition to the rapid recovery of injured.

Shyam Sadiq's film maker wrote, if we were very aware, the green procession might not have been so big. The only one who knows how much pain is pain is losing! Can not find language in a language day May Allah bless their family with the strength to suffer this terrible distress.

Papa Choudhury wrote on Facebook, mourning, and could not sleep in the night. Dying in the fire kills 70 people The list grows further. How unsafe is our lives? At present, everyone can be damned. Intense condolences to those who died in a disastrous fire in Chawkbazar, Dhaka last night. We wish peace to the dead soul. Complication to family. We should stand next to the state as well as all of us. Provide appropriate treatment for those who have been injured. Life is safe

Nipuna's film maker wrote compassion to all Chawkbazar accidental families. Ask the government to take initiatives to rebuild the old Dhaka Dhaka. Then the old people of Dhaka will have life like us.

The popular actress of the vaccine, Tarija, wrote on his Facebook, that there were only 70 lives that died in the fire! More Grows! How unpopular we are to nature. I can not treat the tears in the television audience. Why is that so? Why would people die so cruelty? One day the number of people lost their lives in this accident. How will losing loss of love be achieved? Intense condolences to those who died in a destructive fire in Chawkbazar last night. We wish peace to the dead soul. Those who are being injured are quickly treated.

It should be noted that a massive fire can take place at 10:30 pm on Wednesday in the Rounded circuit of Nandkumar Datta road in the Chakbazar area of ​​the capital. This leads to the losing of unexpected people. In the latest official information, 70 people were killed at the event. 41 people were injured.


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