Thursday , August 11 2022

Shankammula Mosharraf Rubel: The tumor has no cancer germs


Game Tuesday at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, a successful brain spinner's regular team and regular performer in domestic cricket, Rubbalf Rubel's doctors can not make the decision even if surgical rubles are not served. Because, nothing was said until the biopsy report was received.

A Rubel biopsy report was found from the end of Monday. Happy news for Rubel, his family, friends and supporters, there is nothing negative about the biopsy report. That is, there is no germ of cancer in a brain tumor. That is why it is free of concern.

A close friend Musharraf Rubel and journalist, Zahid Chowdhury, told Jago News that this information. He said, 'The tumor at the top of Mosharraf Rubel was a middle grade tumor. For this reason, he will have to give chemotherapy and radiotherapy. # 39;

Jahid Chowdhury also said that when the chemo and radiotherapy is started, it will also be started. He said Rubel would be returning from Singapore on Saturday. A month later, Singapore will go to therapy. # 39;

On Tuesday, under the supervision of renowned Neuro surgeon Elvin Hong from Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Rubel started surgery at 6:00 am during Bangladesh. It takes about three and a half hours to complete the whole operation. After a successful operation, the 37-year-old cricketer returned to the information.


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