Friday , August 19 2022

Seventeen Europa League Arsenal –


At Emirates Stadium on Thursday, Borisov won 3-0 by winning the two legs to 3-1, the club won in England lost a 1-0 Arsenal at Maes Borisov last week.

In the fourth minute of the game, Arsenal went on to lose the Arsenal opponent. Increase the lower cross at Pierre-Eameric Wimbang de-box, which attacks the right. There was no danger of danger as there was no player from nearby guests. But facing a risk, Belarus's Belarus, Volkov, pushed back the net.

Arsenal doubled the 39 minutes to attack one by one. German defender Scodran Mustafa has wrapped in the ball with the ball on the edge of the granite jacca.

In the 60 minutes, the goal was extended to Swiss midfielder Jakar from another corner. Five minutes before the ball was sent to the ball in the jump, the Greek defender Socrates Papassartopoulos. Line 3-1 screw with two legs

In the second round of the game, Chelsea became the 10-man squad of the Malmo 3-0 club in the last sixteen. Olivia Zirud, Ross Berkeley and Calam Hudson-Odoie scored three goals at the Stamford Bridge. The English club won both legs by 5-1.

Switzerland's Zurich 2-0 club took two legs in the 5-1 victory over Napoli's Italian club.

Spain's team, Valencia, won 1-0 in the home after losing 1-0 to Scotland 1-0 in the second leg and won two goals in 3-0.

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