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CEO Samsung Electronics DJ Cohe

The smartphone of the Chinese company and smartphone Apple in Samsung's smartphone face reigns when it was under threat of renewed success, the state lion said to roll again. Samsung five-fold smartphone folds in the market

On Wednesday, a new phone was launched in the Galaxy S10 series, which was priced around $ 2,000, in San Francisco, USA. It is said that customers will be able to buy a new phone from April 26. The new device looks like current phones but it can be opened as a book. Its size is 7.3 inches or 18.5 centimeters. It can also be used as a 4.7-inch display phone while folding. You can run three programs at the same time in this phone. There is a feature of the App Sequence name, so that the device can run the same way to another.

There are six cameras on the phone. There are three of these in two indoors and one in the front. The way the phone is held can be taken as pictures. It has an octaara 7 nanometer, 12GB RAM, and an internal storage 512 GB. Android 9.0 has been powered by Pi OS. New smartphone will be charged without it.

The company has opened three smartphones in the Galaxy S10 series. These are S-10 and more, the price will be $ 1, the S10, the price will be 900 dollars, and a small S 10 E will cost $ 750. The network of every smartphone will be 10 times faster than the previous ones. Apple will not bring the smartphone smartphone market fifth before 2020. As a result Samsung's new phone will showcase its market. The Mobile World Congress will start next week. Competitors are also expected to announce the smartphone of the fifth party that will be published in the exhibition.

Market experts say that when Samsung's sales were falling, South Korea was making the chance to reduce the Apple and Chinese conflicts again.

DJ Cohe, Samsung Electronics Chief Executive, said, "Those who have been saying so long, all innovations in the smartphone market have come to an end, here is the answer to those critics We have proven that their statements are wrong. "Samsung has sold about one fifth of smartphone in the current market. However, Huawei, Chinese companies, including Shiomis and Apple's competitors were losing the company's trigger.

Analysts say that Samsung is in front of the competition with the ability to compete with the big screen in the smartphone and with the ability to compete with each other.

In addition, the capital announced the introduction of FourG folding phones in the Galaxy S. series. Patrick Murhard, founder of Moore Insights and Strategy, said the way to get Samsung forward through the new folding device was created. Customers who have been using smartphone in the last five years will be interested in having the same smartphone smartphone. Reuters.

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