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Samsung Galaxy S10 + vs Apple iPhone XS Max: What to Buy?


In September last year, Apple's flagship phone varied in the iPhone to the iPhone XS Max. In his world modernity Coup Gadget But that win is not long, he was found last year. The US agency can not build a suitable market for the new series phones. The S Samsung series is fifth and a phone is in the process of breathing a mobile phone on the neck If you are usually using this luxury, then what phone should you buy? Find the specification with the price for you.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Apple iPhone XS Max: Prices, Easy Available in India

Samsung Galaxy S10 + is priced at Rs. 73,900, 512 GB to 1 TB in the price of Rs. 91,000 and Rs 1,17,900 respectively. The pre-ordering system has already started in Flipkart and Samsung stores.

The price of the 64 GB iPhone Max XS is 1,09,900 in the Indian market. The Galaxy S10 + version does not have any 64 GB version. Storage price 256 and 512 GB is 124,900 and Rs. 44,900 respectively. The phone is available in any offline and online store in India.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Apple iPhone XS Max: display, design

There are many similarities between S10 and iPhone XS Max phones. Both have Infinity and Punch Hole Display phones. The two stickers are made with outside metal metal. There is an extra system in this phone to protect from dust and water. The Galaxy S10 + screen AMOLED has a total HD + 6.1 inch, and the iPhone has an iPhone XS Max 6.4 inch HD + quad and AMOLED curve screen. It was also noted that both poles will have a pill seal display hole, with front camera lenses.

There are probably big screens. About us 6.5 inch screen size in iPhone XS Max. Note that the iPhone XS Max phone has nail design. This is done with methyl glass.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Apple iPhone XS Max: Processor, RAM, Storage

The S10 + Snapdragon 855 telephone processor or Exynos 9820 will have Samsung itself. With 6 GB / 8GB RAM, two models of 128 GB / 512 GB internal storage. Galaxy S10 + will be the highest model for Samsung In this case, Samsung has installed a 1 TB internal store with 12GB of RAM.

Another major difference is the cause of the processor. Apple iPhone X Max with the latest A12 biconic processor. The 7nm new chips will be able to use the phone faster. The phone has 4 GB of RAM with an internal store 64, 256 and 512 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + and Apple iPhone XS Max: Camera

There are two of the three cameras behind the OIS installation. 12 megapixel opening lens, broad angle lens and 16-megapixel superior angle angle lens. But this time three chambers will be horizontal. Flash LED near the camera

12 megapixel (wide) + 12 megapixel dual-cell camera set (telephoto). The XS Max iPhone allows you to see exactly what you see in the camera. There is a telephoto lens of f / 2.4. This phone is a great fit for taking a picture of Four. The ability to record stereo sound when making video in the back camera. Windows 7 megapixel front f / 2.2 open. There are several features on the camera with Boake.

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