Monday , November 30 2020

Sajal in five drama from Eid

The rest of the Eid is still a few months. Eid has already started shooting for Eid. Sajal, a popular actor, has finished shooting five plays for the Eid. The lost plays are "Buy the afternoons," The world gets once the cable, & # 39; dirgel & # 39; and unsuccessful daughter & # 39 ;. Sardar Rokon has created plays. Sajal said the history of the plays is not conventional. In five plays, the audience will see me in five goals. At the moment I always emphasize the character. I am acting in a drama that looks at how my character is. Outside the drama game, I played regular plays and television. Outside acting, this actor has recently joined a social project. Since 2016, the Seasonal & Seasonal project is # 39; for the Dutch Embassy funding in Bangladesh has been working to improve the health management situation of the men. He works on the Ambassador band of this project. More information about this project is with the Purnima screen. About this project, Sajal said, that the Rishu & # 39; working with school children and young people in Bangladesh. Many teens in this country do not know anything about this before being first menstruated. Their recognition with healthier monthly management is even less. There are many prejudices in rural areas. The project is term & # 39; eager to create public awareness in such a way that fears and prejudices and menstrual will gradually decrease.

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