Saturday , October 1 2022

Sabbir Nasir brought ‘Sleep of the Shadows’


Singer Sabbir Nasir appeared in the audience again with a new song. This time the title of his song is ‘Sleep of the Shadows’. The song’s musical footage was released Dec. 4 on the singer’s official YouTube channel. As well as giving voice, Sabbir Nasir has also composed the melody.

Written by Shahan Kaband, composed by Golam Rabbi Sohag, the song was written and directed by Joy Mahmood. Sohail Mahmood on bass guitar and Psyche Salekin on lead. Farhan Simant and Tasfia Zahid Saba have worked as models along with the singer.

Singer Sabbir Nasir said of the song, ‘One day I went to Rabbi Sohag’s Golam studio to chat. Sohag heard a groove. I immediately stopped to multiply the tune. Sohag and I did a song structure. Sohag reminds someone of Shahan Kabandar. He wrote a lyric. Sohail Mahmud played a lovely foundation. Salekin also played the lead well. This is how the sleep of the shadows stood. ‘

‘It’s a little experimental song. But I hope it will be enjoyable to make a great video, ”added Sabbir Nasir.

Earlier, vocalist Sabbir Nasir discussed the songs’ Harsh ‘,’ Ful Photab ‘,’ Fagun Asche ‘,’ Jal Jochna ‘,’ Poka ‘,’ Amare Diya Dilam Tomare ‘,’ Mrit Jonaki ‘,’ Tumi Dame Dum ‘. Arrived.

New song by Sabbir Nasir:


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