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Return to Karisma Kapoor


After seven years, Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor returns to the screen with the help of cinema MentalHood & # 39; Olt Balaji.

After the break, the name of the new film is very amazing. Social media is passionate about Instagram and shares that joy with supportive supporters. There he wrote, the family and the children were waiting for a break. Now my children have grown a little more. So no problem will work. I'm starting again from this idea.

Karishma will play a mother in MentalHood & # 39; – mother of the name Mira. This will highlight the mother's responsibilities to the children and the role of the mother as they grow up. In this case, Curtis' personal experience can be fully calculated. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor.

However, during the seven years there was no work in any film, but in various advertisements and fashion events this actress has seen the actress. In addition, Shahrukh's film 'Zero'; glance at him as a guest star.

Earlier, in 2012, in the film 'Dangaras Ishq', Thriller was seen from the end in Karishma.

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