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Purnima returns to work today to recover


Staff Reporter November 9, 2016, Friday, 8:21

After a few days of treatment in the dengue, after returning to hospital, the Purnima hero returned home last week. The actor returns to work after a full rest for a week, after consulting with the doctor. The Gazipur administration will be launching an event organized by the Gazipur administration with the success of the current government in Gazipur this afternoon. Ferdous will accompany her in this regard. Purnima has confirmed the matter itself. He said, with God's grace, I am almost completely healthy in the name of everyone. After a doctor's instruction, I have rested my home for several days, taken care of myself. There was a lot of work to offer. But there was no physical condition to do any work. I get an emotional strength to make the program today in Gazipur. Ferdous's friend will also be with me. So, in his enthusiasm, we want to present the presentations. Everyone should pray that we can finish the program well. Meanwhile, Gangchil & # 39; produced by Ferdous, directed by Nayeem Imtiaz Neamul, is about to start shooting. But suddenly, due to the illness of the full moon, he was postponed. However, Neemul said it was expected to shoot Gangchil & # 39; This year starts this year. However, the movie shot of Gham & # 39; produced by Kantonjali & Gham & # 39; A movie starts during the first week of December. Ferdous-Purnima is also in this movie. Meanwhile, the Moon & Madness program is regular publicity in the introduction of Purnima in RTV. This is the only publicity show in the Purnima presentation in the television channel.

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