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People will vote again: Hasina –


The president of the Awami League also said that he would not regret even if he could not come into force, because he had already prepared the base for developing the country.

He said this on the events of the Armed Forces Day celebrations in Canton Dhaka on Wednesday before the eleventh parliamentary eleventh.

Sheikh Hasina, who is responsible for the government's head of government for 10 years, is confident of establishing hunger and Bangladesh without poverty.

He said, "As darkness comes, so that there has been a serious disaster, deep forests, but we have to take the path forward."

In this speech, on the occasion of receiving the title of freedom extinguishers and their followers, Sheikh Hasina mentioned various government development programs, sheltering refugees from Myanmar and shadowing in different countries.

The First Minister thanked the people of the country and Chox's Bazar wanted to shelter 11 weak people of Myanmar's ethnic violence and the persecution of the people of minority Rohingya in Bangladesh.

Referring to the humanitarian side, he said, "My younger sister, Sheikh Rehana, asked me, you had 16 foodstuffs, that you can not give me 7-8 meals of food? I said, can I, of course, As we have seen, it has shown the whole world. "

He also talked to Myanmar authorities about rehabilitation of Rohingya people.

Describing the issue of resolving the crisis through talks, not a war, Sheikh Hasina said, "We will not fight the Armed Forces – the army, the navy, the air force." We do not want to fight. But the armed forces in an independent country must be suitable for an independent country.

"We will not fight, but if someone attacks, we will not leave. We will resist as long as we're breathing."

The First Minister mentioned the steps taken to develop the Armed Forces.

He said, "We have created all the modern weapons for each army, from their training system, we have taken all the steps in a short period. The National Budget has increased by 7 per cent. Nobody could never donated. Together, everyone's pay allowance increased to one point in government in 2009. After 2014, we have increased government.

"Just a hundred percent of pay, benefits, accommodation options, starting to buy cars, there is no such area where there is no support for co-operation and has not created opportunities. who works for the country, can work comfortably. "

During its government, the implementation of the Land Boundary Agreement with India, the settlement of marine border disputes with India and Myanmar, decreased the poverty rate of between 40 and 21 percent, talking about the increase in income per head, president of the Awami League

Besides, he also said that the power crisis will be resolved and that mobile and internet services reach people's hands.

Expressing hope that the poverty rate will be reduced by at least 5 per cent, Sheikh Hasina said, "There are future elections. If people vote in that election, if they want to serve the country, they will be back in Allah's race. See you here again.

"And if not, I will not regret me. Because the pace of development has started, Bangladesh will move on. Tad of the Nation said in March 7 that no-one will be able to cheat. I believe that no one can cheat another in Bangladesh.

"We will celebrate Father of the Nation's birthday in 2020, celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Independence in 2021. Inshallah, we will be able to build Bangladesh as a free country of poverty, free of charge."

Jibananand Das will again come to Sheikh Hasina after completing the speech through a few lines of poetry in Bangla on the banks of Dhanasiri.

At the end of the ceremony, the First Minister swapped greetings with invited guests and officers of the Armed Forces and their families.

Chief Adviser of Prime Minister Tariq Ahmed Siddique, General Staff of the General Assembly Aziz Ahmed, Naval Chief Officer Admiral Nizamuddin Ahmed, Air Force Chief Air Force Staff Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat, Chief Staff Officer of the Armed Forces Division, Mahfuzur Rahman and high officials Armed Forces Division attended the occasion.

On the occasion of Armed Forces Day, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave honorary checks and gifts to freedom fighters and their exams in Canton Dhaka on Wednesday.

Shirin Speaker Sharmin Chowdhury, leader of the Opposition Rowshan Ershad, cabinet member, united lead leader Kamal Hossain, unified lead leader AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury, general secretary of the BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and member of the party's standing committee and former Mahbubur army Rahman, leaders of different political parties, Existing professionals and former officials of the military and civil administration administration were present.

Earlier, the First Minister of Peace Medal 2017 & # 39; For 13 people, including three armed officers, nine Navy and three air force personnel, in recognition of the brave and complete contribution.

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