Sunday , January 17 2021

New Zealand does not come, Jubo Dal's suspicion trip in the West

New Zealand Youth League does not come to Bangladesh. The New Zealand Cricket Board has canceled their Youth Team tour due to terrorist attacks at Christchurch mosque. It was supposed to be Bangladesh for the five-game ODI series this month, the Under 19 team. But the last month of the terrorist attack that has not yet come to the gate, the Kiwi youth did not dare play the outside the country. The New Zealand Youth Team's bilateral series against Bangladesh is not going to happen in this area. But India's U-19 team do not come to Bangladesh But not because of security said, BCB CEO, Nizamuddin Chowdhury Sujon. He said, 'There is some uncertainty. As India Cricket Board has some limitations. They discuss not only Bangladesh but many trips. But there was no problem at all. But their problem is not a security issue. It's not right to say that I have some internal issues. That is another issue. # 39;
On the other hand, the CEO of BCB Nizamuddin Chowdhury, CEO of BCB, could not explain whether the canceled journey will be canceled. He said, 'Later they might come. Next October, our series of teams (U-19 Campaign) may be going. And the New Zealand Under-19 team's trip has been canceled because they don't come back to schedule. According to the New Zealand Board report, the horror of terrorist attacks has not yet come to the youth team players Apart from the fact that young people play in the youth team, there has been similar opposition even from their guardians.
However, the Bangladesh Youth Party Chief Executive believes there will be no problem in preparing. He said, 'Our tours under sixteen are made in front of the World Cup. If any changes are made to the ongoing camping process, then the team managers will give it. "But if they don't have the option, they won't have any choice," said Sujon. There are series in England. Then there is an issue of going to New Zealand. The problem will not be there. We have to play the World Cup in South Africa. The Away series is more important than the home series. So there won't be a problem. # 39;

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