Monday , January 17 2022

New news: Apu believes new news


Apu Biswas

The queen's cast cast, the actor has contacted Shakib Khan in the film Apu Biswas. The industry has many successful business photos.

Apart from the movie, as well as the successful model of the Apu time, I enjoy working in this area. In that series, the agreement has signed for a new advertisement.

TVC will be built for the newly-marketed oil company. Chocolate coconut oil name Sundari Apu Biswas will be seen as a model for this oil that belongs to Rich Chemicals.

An official agreement with the company was made on Monday (November 19th). There were other presentations from the company's managing director, Ataur Rahman and other officials. Akin Amin will build the ad.

Apu said the product is new. Ideas and budget are good for advertising. That is why I agreed to do the job. There is a challenge to promote new products. That's what I wanted to do. & # 39;

He also said, "There is a gap with the viewer to create. This advert will turn it on. Hopefully this is the viewer viewer. The TVS shooting will start soon.

Finally, this heroine worked in a product advert for Navana. There, the well-known producer Riaz was together.

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