Monday , January 17 2022

Nayapaltan attacked the police in a planned way: Monirul Islam


Counter Terrorism and Crime Transitional unit (CITC) Monirul Islam said a police assault had to go ahead of the BNP office in Nayapaltan, designed for political advantage. He said this in addressing the press address at DMP Media Center on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the police arrested six people in connection with the conflict in Nayapaltan.
Monirul Islam said the information provided by the people arrested in the police attack in Nayapaltan and the police confirmed that the attack was on the other. They kept the sticks on the spot and the place as they would attack them. Because of the police assault, he said, They wanted the police to carry arbitrary actions assaulting the police. They can take advantage of political benefits by exhibiting various video drawings. Monirul Islam said the equality of the DMP would require at least 5-7 minutes to eliminate the attackers. But the police did not have any action on that day.
Regarding the allegation of arrest and harassment of BNP leaders and operators after the timetable, Monirul Islam said that the police will carry out their duties wherever there is a crime. There is no place to release criminal offenders. Aggressors wearing helmets in Nayapaltan are arrested; But why did the attackers not arrest the journalists in Science Lab during the organization that demanded a safe way on August 5? "The investigations take place at the event." Wherever criminal offenses occur, the police will take legal action. The death of two groups of the Awami League groups in Mohammadpur, said that the matter was being investigated. One was arrested. The court gave him bail.
Earlier Monday afternoon, the Detective Branch (DB) of the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Branch (DB) has arrested six members of the BNP's bodyguard from the Sutrapur area of ​​the capital. They are the ward of the ward of 11 ward HK Hossain Ali, general secretary of Shahjahanpur Thana, Sohag Bhuiyan, member of the Central Committee of Jatiyatabad Abbas Ali, general secretary of the front of Dhaka city students, Ashraful Islam Robin, co-secretary of Jagannath JCD University, Zakir Hossain Ujjal and Titumir College Chhatra Sub-president of Mahbubul Alam Meanwhile, Hossain Ali fandalized the police later after helmets. The police noted the film after its identification.

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