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Nancy Differential


Staff Reporter November 13, 2016, Tuesday, 8:26

Recently, the popular musician Nazmun Munira Nancy recently returned home after a 15-day tour of Australia. He took part in two concerts in this tour. One was in Sydney and the other was in a canvas. The artist has made two concerts very well. Nancy went on a long journey abroad after this. Despite a number of proposals due to a number of busy schedules, NANSI did not travel abroad for a long time. Meanwhile, the singer has gone quite busy with the song back home from the Australian tour. It appears on multiple tasks, where a different Nancy can be invented. Meanwhile, he has given a voice in a song from the name Ferrari two wings & # 39; in a webcam of the name & # 39; Hate & # 39 ;. Raj Barman, singer of Upper Bengal, gave him a double quote in the song. Kishore has composed Someshwar Ali song music Zayed Rezwan is building this web series. Succeeded in Kolkata and Deepali in Bangladesh. In terms of this song, Nancy said that the song was quite well known with songs, melody and music. The song has been good with each other. Now the audience will enjoy the work if it's good. In the meantime, Nancy will give Habib Wahid a voice very soon. Habib-Nancy is getting ahead of the audience as a pair of songs again. Besides this, many other songs to put in the song of the song are also about to put a voice. In some sounds it will give a voice in front.
Nancy said after 15 days he returned. So the work has accumulated. Now that's the end of the work. I will work with a brother Habib in a song. Besides, there is better work in films and sound. There are some stage shows in Arber. All of all, the next days will have to spend very busy now.

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