Thursday , May 26 2022

Mohsin Hall is under control & # 39; o BCL, complaint voters –


They complained, Mohsin Hall Chhatra League
Under the leadership of general secretary Mehedi Hasan Sunny, controller and BCL voters & # 39;
Many ordinary students have returned without voting.

One that is unwilling to disclose the names
The voters said at, "Many people vote for fear of the BCL situation
Not coming The voter's line manages from the BCL Hall record. "

Returning Officer of the Hall of the matter
Candidate candidate VP Cyngarol Student Alliance came before the Chhatra League to complain
General Secretary of the Students' Union, Liton Nandi

Her allegation, port of Mohsin Hall
When he came to the residence of the hall's residential teachers, he was attacked by assault & # 39;
You will be

Noni Bid
"The hall's center has occupied BCL. When I complain, they are my request
After attacking. Later, we made our complaints in another way. But I do not think there is any arrangement
Take it They have completed all the arrangements for the election of promotion. "

The complaint was asked
Nizamul Haque Bhuiyan, the main house, said "Voucher Mehdi Hasan's control of voters
We have received complaints that Let's see what can be done! "

However, the leader of Sunny Chhatra League claimed
Refuse, "We do not control anyone. The general students of the hall are at the entrance
Get a job. "

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