Sunday , October 17 2021

Messi’s Bar কাছে crashes near newcomer Cadiz 982851 | A voice tomorrow

Barcelona football giants lost to newcomer C িজ diz in the Spanish La Liga game last night. Lionel Messi lost 2-1 to C িজ diz, who came up in La Liga this time from La Liga 2. As a result of this loss, Ronald Koeman’s team fell further behind in La Liga.

Lionel Messi returned to the squad at the end of the match. Philippe Coutinho, Antoine Griezmann and Martin Brathwaite were in the attack with captain Bara. The Catalan club also lost to C িজ diz with their best XI.

Cadiz took the lead 1-0 with a goal from Alvaro Himenez only 7 minutes into the home contest. Barca then struggled to score a goal. However, they did not see the goal in the first half. The Catalans equalized in the 57th minute of the second half. But even here they have no credit. Alcala sent the ball into their own net to block Jordi Alba’s cross. Barca became equal to the goal of suicide. Substitute Alvaro Negredo put Cadiz ahead again with a goal in the match’s 63rd minute.

Messi had to leave the field with the defeat as there were no more goals for the rest of the match. As a result of this loss, Bar ১৪a is ranked 8th in the La Liga points list with 14 points in 10 games. Cadiz is in 5th place with 16 points in the draw. Atletico Madrid are at the top with 26 points.

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