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Messi-Ronaldo raises Benzema || Game || Janakantha

Messi-Ronaldo came to Benzema's head

  • Spanish La Liga, French drama Joy Real Madrid, Real Madrid 3-2 Huesca

Sports Reporter The only hat-trick is the Real Madrid European champions. But the team are bound to stay untouched in the middle of the current season. In the end, the team compiled with the 'Hero' failed; Zinedine Zidane is back to training.

Subsequently, after the legendary French season, the team were well placed. Realistic footballers come out of the bottom after he returns. This is just like Karim Benzema. The French have been sculpting continuously. On Sunday night La Madrid's Spanish Real Madrid was a great victory. Real Madrid scored in the final record in the Santiago Bernabeu raffle, giving Real Madrid a 3-2 win against the newcomer Hueyeka. With that he also became the owner of a glorious record.

Three of the four games were taken at night. The Ryo Viakano-Real Betis and Real Valladolid-Real Sociedad match a 1-1 game and Levant-Eber is 2-2. In another game, Sevilla lost 1-0 in the game to Valencia. Real is currently third with 29 winning in 29 games and 57 pulling with three pictures. There were currently 69 points at the top of the Barcelona champion. Atletico Madrid has two points of 59 points.

For the first time in La Liga, Hewlett Field, in the first leg match in December last year, Gareth Bale won the only goal from Real. Now, if there is a danger of finding the points in the field, then the galacticos left the field with three full points Benzema. The Zidane team at the start of the home was a big effort. Hueška, at the bottom of the points table, went on to score a third minute goal. Increase the ball in the box D by breaking the Diocese forward Escuel Ávila by attacking the right. Juan Camilla Hernandez, Colombia's forward, then defeated the real goalkeeper Luca Zidane. Real in the 25th minute of the game, Real equals to Real. Karim went on to attack the Benazema attack keeper but failed to get out of danger. Brave Fraud He then sent the ball to Esco, the field center, with ease. The first half ended 1-1 at the same time.

After the break, a real attack arises in 62 minutes. Increase the ball to the cross on cross Gareth Baleze Benzema Then hit the ball in the sebiyos jalani dani. The joy of moving on didn't last long. In the 74th minute of the game, Swadesy Moi Gomez's midfield cross crossed the cross and scored a bubble goal, Huezka equal to the Spanish defender Xavier Itelta As a result, the hosts are prey to lose the points. But one minute before the end of the game, with a great goal, Real scored Benzema's three valuable points. Marcello passes in the D. box and shoot in a great shot, the front doesn't have the chance to play for France in the World Cup.

Bennsme made a big achievement in La Liga with a goal to score against all the opponents. Benzema has played against Spain in the top Spanish league since joining Real in 2009 from Leo, the French club league. Now he has the unique record of making goals against all the teams. La Liga's best goal scorer, Barcelona captain Lionel Messi, and all the competitors, the best goalkeeper Cristiano Ronaldo, is a record-breaking recorder, 31, who has faced 40 teams in La Liga since his first game against Espanyol. October 2004.

Meanwhile, a five-year footballer of the year was unable to score against Cadis, Morsi, and Hoover. On the other hand, last year Ronaldo scored from Real to Juventus, scoring 32 goals against 33 opponents. Only the legnese net could not score

Mexico's front tip, Hugo Sánchez, has also scored a goal against all the teams in La Liga. However, the two teams from Madrid, Real and Atletico have played for a long time in this football match as 33 teams. Given the total number of opponents, Benzema has excelled Hugo.

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