Friday , August 19 2022

Mashrafe will not see form, mental capacity


Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, who wants any kind of player in the World Cup. Picture: BCB

There is no profit in domestic cricket, and the players in England may be able to consider the World Cup team. Mashrafe said that!

Finish! This is a word of woe in Bangladesh cricket. Storm in the end, or the end of the game with the calculations – the space is not fulfilled. This is the only middle-order commander batter emergency which is currently facing the great Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. Who is not in the team, who does it on the foreign soil …. The captain of Bangladesh did not want to take all this.

Today, Mashrafe told reporters in Mirpur, 'I have a problem for so many days that we have some weakness in the finish. For this younger children do not blame. There is a problem in the whole team that we can't finish the game. We have lost many close games in the last two years. Not only was the time to pursue the run, even during batting, we could not stand a good score of a good position. So we have a problem in this place. # 39;

Mashrafe, reminding him of the fact that this problem can be a big difference in the World Cup, "This place (finish) is very important in the World Cup tournament. Because there will be some games. And there are 9 games in the beginning, there will be some games that will close, having a team finish playing a loss role in the team, we have to be concerned about this, I believe, maybe I can I am not saying that I would succeed 100 percent. Because it is a problem of many days .The solution takes a lot of time. soon.

Bangladesh is preparing for World Cup preparations on the basis of playing the Dhaka Premiership. The bag will be bundled for the Irish series, as this league is not coming to an end. Mashrafe, however, believes that the Dhaka Premiership will not get too much revenge, "In fact, I don't think so much about the Dhaka League. I've seen several times here, every day 100 hours a day. Wicket said: “These are not close to international cricket. I think that mentality is very important. However, it is important that the players who make this particular game with them are important, I think the World Cup is a totally emotional game. You can take 5-6 wickets here and go there, so it's important to prepare mentally.

That is why the captain gives more weight to his mental preparation than the form of Liton, 'If I run from here, the player will keep that form in the Cup. the World, I do not agree with this. At the same time, Liton is a quality player, he may have seen in a few games recently. I'm talking about the Asian Cup final. It seems to me that he can become one that destroys his opponent. This possibility is in it. The batio trainer is working on it. Indeed, the continuity is important. Hopefully, if he plays his natural cricket, he will be a great advantage to our team. "

So there is little change in the World Cup squad. The team is the same, for the last few days that were in the eleven or the squad? Although Mashrafe wants to be a little impersonal in this regard, the real thing said, 'I'm not choosing the team. But no matter what 15 people, they perform or not, that's not true. Our main focus will be the Irish series and the World Cup is what we do as a team. So doing well in domestic cricket is not the end; I've been talking about the previous one, we have a number of wickets here in international cricket, we have a straggle, a senior cricketer like me or others with it. Again, here we have seen bad, we have done well here. The air and space are between two places. For this reason, many things will depend on being mentally prepared. It may be seen that someone here is playing the league, but we work with something that can be needed in the World Cup. It's more important. You are ready to be prepared mentally. # 39;

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