Wednesday , January 20 2021

Main instructions to avoid the fire extinguish: -753672 | Kantho Kaler

The Cabinet has expressed sympathy for the death of 26 people and injured 130 in the destructive fire at the Banani FT Tower in Dhaka. At the same time, the Prime Minister gave 15 rules to stop the firefighting and to avoid damage after the accident. He gave these instructions at a meeting of the Cabinet in the Secretariat on Monday. Cabinet Secretary Shafiul Alam told reporters at a briefing after the cabinet meeting.

The prime minister's instructions to avoid the fire extinguishing are: t
You should monitor regularly to build a high building with clearing the fire service and advice to avoid the fire switching off.

2. The buildings will have to be renovated each year by the firefighting or clearing system. This rule will apply to all residential and commercial premises.

3. Construction of buildings and then building code and no disturbance will be tolerated.

4. There will be a regular fire drill in different buildings or organizations and raising awareness of this.

5. Find out if there is any way of controlling the smoke during a fire. Because of fire due to fire in the fire, there are more deaths due to smoking.

6. In the capital it is often not possible to remove the fire properly due to lack of water. Therefore, bearing in mind the fire, there will be plenty of water and reservoirs in the capital.

7. The lake will be stored around the capital.

8. There are three tall ladders / stairs to reach up to 23 storages in fire or other accidents. It has to increase the number.

9. In order to build accommodation, offices or commercial premises, doors must be secured around hundreds of fire exits.

10. The electric door should be left and another door fitted so that it can be opened without electricity or during the accident.

11. Netting should be positioned around the building. This arrangement should be kept so that anyone does not fall to death.

12. The hospital and school must be kept in the veranda as people can take refuge during an accident.

13. Interior designers have designed to prevent space from all parts of the building to save space. No such design can be made. The arrangement for people to travel freely.

14. Awareness will increase so that people do not use the lift during the accident.

15. Many doors should be expected in any building. One door must be avoided to enter the building.

In response to inquiries from the journalists, the secretary also said that the Minister for Public Works had said that 24 teams will visit each building in the capital at the cabinet meeting. They will see if there are adequate safeguards to avoid the fire in buildings. They will also give necessary instructions.

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